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Edward Fairfax Rochester Descriptive Personality Statistics

Reference picture of Edward Fairfax Rochester

Edward Fairfax Rochester is a character from Jane Eyre.

This page summarizes crowd sourced ratings of their personality collected from users of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz. This website has recruited more than 3 million volunteers to rate characters on descriptive adjectives and other properties, which can be aggregated to create profiles that users can be matched to as part of a personality test. For more information about how the ratings were collected and how they are used, see the documentation.

Aggregated ratings for 500 descriptions

The table shows the average rating the character received for each descriptive item on a 1 to 100 scale and what that character's rank for the description is among all 2,000 characters in the database. It also shows the standard deviation of the ratings and how many different individuals submitted a rating for that description.

ItemAverage ratingRankRating standard deviationNumber of raters
🎩 (not 🧢)92.2308.832
privileged (not oppressed)91.57414.739
bourgeoisie (not proletariat)91.4814.936
rich (not poor)90.117913.740
haunted (not blissful)90.04311.540
mysterious (not unambiguous)89.31510.237
secretive (not open-book)89.38912.934
masculine (not feminine)88.920017.328
intense (not lighthearted)88.315012.850
bossy (not meek)87.423010.637
gendered (not androgynous)87.018013.033
proud (not apologetic)86.731913.525
gloomy (not sunny)86.38316.632
western (not eastern)86.12017.932
grumpy (not cheery)86.014817.522
miserable (not joyful)85.39118.632
demanding (not unchallenging)85.230718.434
complicated (not simple)85.016715.634
cocky (not timid)85.032720.740
guarded (not open)84.927014.943
opinionated (not neutral)84.941612.233
private (not gregarious)84.710314.036
historical (not modern)84.74818.441
depressed (not bright)83.44916.728
leader (not follower)83.146417.720
sorrowful (not cheery)83.011316.641
English (not German)82.718725.231
🙅‍♂️ (not 🙋‍♂️)82.36324.525
jaded (not innocent)82.329615.836
stubborn (not accommodating)82.142019.129
machiavellian (not transparent)81.912115.632
entitled (not grateful)81.823914.128
withdrawn (not outgoing)81.79315.121
jealous (not compersive)81.614015.343
traumatized (not flourishing)81.620817.334
lion (not zebra)81.636618.824
dramatic (not comedic)81.626217.041
flawed (not perfect)81.529622.827
competitive (not cooperative)81.441216.829
individualist (not communal)81.420919.436
contrarian (not yes-man)81.212810.428
master (not apprentice)81.042221.725
worldly (not innocent)80.936514.237
capitalist (not communist)80.922713.521
blind (not all-seeing)80.86725.621
assertive (not passive)80.545422.635
vain (not demure)80.418711.234
fire (not water)80.234917.132
dominant (not submissive)80.153117.746
💀 (not 🎃)80.114813.827
🐴 (not 🦄)80.015424.832
big-vocabulary (not small-vocabulary)79.556920.529
ivory-tower (not blue-collar)79.417525.134
self-destructive (not self-improving)79.120321.729
handshakes (not hugs)79.051123.721
unfrivolous (not goofy)79.039521.824
sad (not happy)78.821214.330
uptight (not easy)78.639811.821
winter (not summer)78.420922.835
moody (not stable)78.442827.029
captain (not first-mate)78.338923.434
cynical (not gullible)78.337421.138
persistent (not quitter)78.2121422.528
alpha (not beta)78.152922.335
biased (not impartial)77.926518.027
important (not irrelevant)77.980320.334
🦇 (not 🐿)77.816321.726
impatient (not patient)77.740918.936
bitter (not sweet)77.627717.834
chortling (not giggling)77.616222.632
arrogant (not humble)77.541121.636
quarrelsome (not warm)77.534417.030
suspicious (not trusting)77.435916.539
sexual (not asexual)77.152421.231
highbrow (not lowbrow)76.822426.926
rigid (not flexible)76.824218.726
tall (not short)76.732620.560
🤐 (not 😜)76.723228.831
confidential (not gossiping)76.458522.741
problematic (not woke)76.432221.022
sassy (not chill)76.455222.724
strict (not lenient)76.334923.238
entrepreneur (not employee)76.154828.220
authoritarian (not democratic)76.126922.240
two-faced (not one-faced)76.021621.339
rock (not rap)75.958618.927
smug (not sheepish)75.958820.426
presidential (not folksy)75.630619.436
lavish (not frugal)75.528020.546
distant (not touchy-feely)75.434623.130
pessimistic (not optimistic)75.323220.432
pretentious (not unassuming)75.335224.443
naughty (not nice)75.242120.424
coarse (not delicate)75.044021.927
weird (not normal)74.644520.843
demonic (not angelic)74.630615.433
armoured (not vulnerable)74.645322.935
cryptic (not straightforward)74.56728.943
conspiracist (not sheeple)74.441216.427
pensive (not serene)74.434422.224
lustful (not chaste)74.436125.627
cursed (not blessed)74.246921.722
selfish (not altruistic)74.136224.335
reserved (not chatty)74.136925.435
pointed (not random)74.172522.432
bad-cook (not good-cook)73.922026.725
tense (not relaxed)73.880524.052
paranoid (not naive)73.632524.325
lawyerly (not engineerial)73.634916.821
mad (not glad)73.540916.133
rough (not smooth)73.426918.945
vintage (not trendy)73.464423.636
insomniac (not slumbering)73.460119.921
🤑 (not 🤠)73.427826.235
charming (not trusting)73.331220.238
😭 (not 😀)73.317722.528
hunter (not gatherer)73.349424.335
resentful (not euphoric)73.345224.323
🤺 (not 🏌)73.268127.537
extravagant (not thrifty)73.238420.442
goth (not flower child)73.022322.929
resists change (not likes change)73.055720.524
rude (not respectful)72.828617.839
hard (not soft)72.848018.930
cold (not warm)72.835422.228
unstable (not stable)72.850926.623
offended (not chill)72.740721.634
🥾 (not 👟)72.631331.124
ferocious (not pacifist)72.561621.136
impulsive (not cautious)72.546825.035
judgemental (not accepting)72.542823.132
🥴 (not 🥳)72.325121.031
negative (not positive)72.332921.224
questioning (not believing)72.251924.520
night owl (not morning lark)72.155121.428
unfulfilled (not fulfilled)72.152624.028
cannibal (not vegan)71.936921.741
indie (not pop)71.849425.137
manic (not mild)71.862019.822
wild (not tame)71.666120.133
sexist (not feminist)71.526021.040
😈 (not 😇)71.541920.043
narcissistic (not low self esteem)71.551125.941
romantic (not dispassionate)71.469721.541
prideful (not envious)71.464629.937
militaristic (not hippie)71.467423.425
classical (not avant-garde)71.434124.743
hard (not soft)71.352916.136
bold (not shy)71.0122926.134
prying (not unmeddlesome)71.074220.923
high IQ (not low IQ)70.9117422.836
bad boy (not white knight)70.937822.724
reclusive (not social)70.836130.139
mischievous (not well behaved)70.670921.832
wooden (not plastic)70.657422.833
main character (not side character)70.561226.830
harsh (not gentle)70.350925.222
focused (not absentminded)70.3100625.020
variable (not consistent)70.316420.631
dramatic (not no-nonsense)70.148428.635
🤡 (not 👽)70.120726.135
skeptical (not spiritual)69.981423.333
insulting (not complimentary)69.939224.335
savory (not sweet)69.956620.521
angry (not good-humored)69.934020.532
old-fashioned (not progressive)69.839927.434
salacious (not wholesome)69.838724.626
cringeworthy (not inspiring)69.730623.744
frank (not sugarcoated)69.791230.532
poisonous (not nurturing)69.639316.829
debased (not pure)69.544717.828
feisty (not gracious)69.576922.933
edgy (not politically correct)69.357621.420
wolf (not bear)69.356129.022
remote (not involved)69.25924.933
eloquent (not unpolished)69.172325.537
deliberate (not spontaneous)68.874226.331
coordinated (not clumsy)68.890826.834
strong identity (not social chameleon)68.795429.527
overthinker (not underthinker)68.695427.020
non-gamer (not gamer)68.564632.926
suspicious (not awkward)68.471527.234
believable (not poorly-written)68.4124620.445
masochistic (not pain-avoidant)68.226930.330
noble (not jovial)68.266221.927
obsessed (not aloof)68.062925.028
punchable (not loveable)68.034425.540
flat (not bubbly)68.053928.424
playful (not shy)67.991921.628
crazy (not sane)67.953718.433
vague (not precise)67.814827.733
interrupting (not attentive)67.845123.453
unfriendly (not friendly)67.834322.522
low-tech (not high-tech)67.748926.126
close-minded (not open-minded)67.731225.846
physicist (not photographer)67.746230.121
analytical (not intuitive)67.749725.023
motivated (not unmotivated)67.6152822.727
luddite (not technophile)67.531222.525
hypocritical (not equitable)67.540429.530
charmer (not buffoon)67.491927.421
sarcastic (not genuine)67.351023.942
rhythmic (not stuttering)67.393824.542
cultured (not rustic)67.364623.927
serious (not playful)67.282427.132
kinky (not vanilla)67.250524.035
spicy (not mild)67.278023.831
bookish (not sporty)67.189823.329
arcane (not mainstream)67.051529.029
receiving (not giving)67.040627.637
resistant (not resigned)66.991526.029
extreme (not moderate)66.983924.130
celebrity (not boy/girl-next-door)66.943628.631
Hates PDA (not Constant PDA)66.958127.721
things-person (not people-person)66.844924.923
overspender (not penny-pincher)66.740723.932
psychopath (not empath)66.741919.432
straight (not queer)66.3109726.629
never cries (not often crying)66.371925.823
conventional (not creative)66.043023.637
Swedish (not Italian)66.038324.020
outsider (not insider)65.947929.635
self-assured (not self-conscious)65.886727.236
frenzied (not sleepy)65.8115426.028
fearmongering (not reassuring)65.744425.627
cunning (not honorable)65.647727.139
tight (not loose)65.688329.836
routine (not innovative)65.647624.124
lost (not enlightened)65.552024.131
picky (not always down)65.559826.841
rebellious (not obedient)65.489626.032
studious (not goof-off)65.4104226.336
literary (not mathematical)65.367731.229
hedonist (not monastic)65.348130.132
exhibitionist (not bashful)65.272227.028
deviant (not average)65.178927.036
unstirring (not quivering)65.088828.422
f***-the-police (not tattle-tale)64.990426.734
👨‍⚕️ (not 👨‍🔧)64.862426.027
stylish (not slovenly)64.788827.136
slow-talking (not fast-talking)64.626523.132
freak (not normie)64.666225.426
cringing away (not welcoming experience)64.642328.423
introvert (not extrovert)64.644529.340
analysis (not common sense)64.561025.124
fast (not slow)64.4103321.530
lewd (not tasteful)64.332526.926
OCD (not ADHD)64.386628.035
repressed (not forward)64.329027.023
sheltered (not street-smart)64.240526.035
Roman (not Greek)64.230028.721
ambitious (not realistic)64.277826.443
pro (not noob)64.1118821.428
indulgent (not sober)63.968325.142
French (not Russian)63.966430.030
oxymoron (not tautology)63.932527.120
clinical (not heartfelt)63.945723.421
unenthusiastic about food (not foodie)63.936422.122
intellectual (not physical)63.897426.928
mighty (not puny)63.8107027.131
stuck-in-the-past (not forward-thinking)63.843029.730
scandalous (not proper)63.670624.729
workaholic (not slacker)63.6134217.528
concrete (not abstract)63.668626.534
charismatic (not uninspiring)63.4129620.834
sturdy (not flimsy)63.4103931.630
macho (not metrosexual)63.441229.028
businesslike (not chivalrous)63.459926.445
cassanova (not love shy)63.463324.223
libertarian (not socialist)63.339023.124
earth (not air)63.380627.728
flirtatious (not prudish)63.372926.024
🐐 (not 🦒)63.273732.926
knowledgeable (not ignorant)63.2114925.844
stoic (not hypochondriac)63.272823.032
plant-neglecter (not green thumb)63.273026.520
attractive (not repulsive)63.1126429.736
tailor (not blacksmith)63.187826.637
high standards (not desperate)63.184126.639
creepy (not disarming)62.929719.042
overachiever (not underachiever)62.9133023.631
interesting (not tiresome)62.8113326.731
flamboyant (not modest)62.765127.128
cool (not dorky)62.779123.341
triggered (not trolling)62.790829.230
meaningful (not pointless)62.7132620.021
foolish (not wise)62.549829.928
heathen (not devout)62.547729.233
poetic (not factual)62.546524.135
💔 (not 💝)62.453431.127
alert (not oblivious)62.3106027.047
zany (not regular)62.180229.738
efficient (not overprepared)61.999922.725
unorthodox (not traditional)61.884028.538
stoic (not expressive)61.751328.740
chosen one (not everyman)61.773727.730
decisive (not hesitant)61.6113930.534
conservative (not liberal)61.640828.540
dog person (not cat person)61.664834.530
can't-fix-anything (not handy)61.442028.121
driven (not unambitious)61.2169324.930
🙃 (not 🥰)61.258929.929
thick (not thin)61.149322.231
apathetic (not curious)61.020924.334
old (not young)61.059023.037
serious (not bold)61.055724.544
repetitive (not varied)61.071722.021
deranged (not reasonable)60.958026.231
dystopian (not utopian)60.966931.322
spartan (not glamorous)60.887223.025
vengeful (not forgiving)60.778023.932
ludicrous (not sensible)60.752829.437
resolute (not wavering)60.7115328.935
queen (not princess)60.798336.321
💃 (not 🧕)60.6103729.623
📈 (not 📉)60.6101830.021
off-key (not musical)60.670824.527
experimental (not reliable)60.563827.729
Pepsi (not Coke)60.528328.725
irreverent (not sincere)60.539925.824
practical (not imaginative)60.4101726.531
go-getter (not slugabed)60.4157525.427
statist (not anarchist)60.371427.827
outlaw (not sheriff)60.182027.428
perverted (not clean)60.146825.137
red (not blue)60.166230.322
💩 (not 🌟)60.032328.140
work-first (not family-first)59.976929.329
exaggerating (not factual)59.975931.335
not genocidal (not genocidal)59.9128831.626
awkward (not comfortable)59.960425.820
🧙 (not 👨‍🚀)59.874018.924
confident (not insecure)59.7117830.237
annoying (not unannoying)59.773027.624
monochrome (not multicolored)59.570935.226
doer (not thinker)59.5104927.036
generous (not stingy)59.5103225.331
chronically single (not serial dater)59.5106133.026
kangaroo (not dolphin)59.560229.521
scruffy (not manicured)59.459223.828
nonpartisan (not activist)59.439627.320
child free (not pronatalist)59.2107225.625
earthly (not divine)59.0111426.121
melee (not ranged)58.939330.620
quirky (not predictable)58.974529.938
genius (not dunce)58.8123620.633
antagonist (not protagonist)58.837129.038
chaotic (not orderly)58.777430.735
emotional (not logical)58.790227.839
anxious (not calm)58.799729.230
purple (not orange)58.566331.528
formal (not intimate)58.575131.234
focused on the present (not focused on the future)58.471031.635
humorless (not funny)58.457029.130
empirical (not theoretical)58.374029.426
nihilist (not existentialist)58.334130.337
healthy (not sickly)58.2131428.733
disturbing (not enchanting)58.256629.922
grounded (not fantasy-prone)58.184130.524
fussy (not sloppy)58.1138421.824
cliché (not original)58.060624.121
scientific (not artistic)57.987328.830
deep (not shallow)57.9113527.929
inappropriate (not seemly)57.964527.721
goal-oriented (not experience-oriented)57.995431.323
sensitive (not thick-skinned)57.870427.127
hygienic (not gross)57.8147224.421
methodical (not astonishing)57.7102827.134
trash (not treasure)57.730128.141
unfixable (not fixable)57.751427.333
hoarder (not unprepared)57.6102729.645
🐩 (not 🐒)57.686533.225
active (not slothful)57.5163726.343
real (not fake)57.5143926.523
maverick (not conformist)57.5121832.623
hurried (not leisurely)57.494826.139
rugged (not refined)57.275028.331
extraordinary (not mundane)57.2127727.335
🤫 (not 🤔)57.244832.129
ironic (not profound)57.275826.741
whimsical (not rational)57.167926.136
competent (not incompetent)57.1154929.041
subjective (not objective)57.169231.829
dry (not moist)57.175132.225
love-focused (not money-focused)57.1128023.534
consumer (not creator)56.963826.322
adventurous (not stick-in-the-mud)56.8106229.029
philosophical (not real)56.838928.234
brave (not careful)56.7116723.028
indiscreet (not tactful)56.747529.933
parental (not childlike)56.798826.623
mechanical (not natural)56.770226.920
direct (not roundabout)56.6131530.129
prestigious (not disreputable)56.6116029.052
preppy (not punk rock)56.6106632.225
lover (not fighter)56.683325.939
nonconformist (not social climber)56.6102126.123
cruel (not kind)56.545521.436
pack rat (not minimalist)56.465828.541
quiet (not loud)56.281625.128
catty (not supportive)56.263228.120
🧐 (not 😎)56.177828.836
introspective (not not introspective)56.0125628.729
patriotic (not unpatriotic)56.0132725.434
radical (not centrist)55.993629.728
🛌 (not 🧗)55.855727.325
country-bumpkin (not city-slicker)55.651327.234
straight edge (not junkie)55.5137624.122
deep (not epic)55.477225.225
reactive (not proactive)55.490927.529
feeler (not thinker)55.4103728.021
fearful (not hopeful)55.458725.221
villainous (not heroic)55.345922.026
civilized (not barbaric)55.3129924.430
scholarly (not crafty)55.367129.641
generalist (not specialist)55.346424.130
🎨 (not 🏀)55.3116430.528
instinctual (not reasoned)55.2103728.631
beautiful (not ugly)55.1162533.136
utilitarian (not decorative)55.1121431.028
mad-scientist (not lumberjack)55.1108828.125
explorer (not builder)55.095429.126
soulful (not soulless)55.0150926.328
cosmopolitan (not provincial)54.993530.432
claustrophobic (not spelunker)54.951226.422
political (not nonpolitical)54.8105826.023
whippersnapper (not sage)54.886229.125
scheduled (not spontaneous)54.7108131.327
jock (not nerd)54.778031.531
backdoor (not official)54.7101030.231
bad-manners (not good-manners)54.765127.429
hipster (not basic)54.664929.828
🥶 (not 🥵)54.369127.438
diligent (not lazy)54.2177925.330
exuberant (not subdued)54.2112231.432
self-disciplined (not disorganized)54.1140525.826
insightful (not generic)54.1144122.220
charming (not awkward)54.0124428.932
rural (not urban)54.049728.532
😊 (not 🤣)53.9122627.833
perceptive (not unobservant)53.9167024.433
on-time (not tardy)53.9131728.030
circular (not linear)53.881230.430
corporate (not freelance)53.875332.829
unlucky (not fortunate)53.7103226.533
valedictorian (not drop out)53.7129032.633
vibrant (not geriatric)53.7140725.426
reluctant (not eager)53.754130.121
mellow (not energetic)53.782824.422
plays hard (not works hard)53.657728.132
'right-brained' (not 'left-brained')53.558128.620
🚴 (not 🏋️‍♂️)53.4141129.325
stinky (not fresh)53.356324.840
realistic (not fantastical)53.3114630.640
homebody (not world traveler)53.286533.720
open to new experinces (not uncreative)52.9150026.728
industrial (not domestic)52.999129.534
cheesy (not chic)52.9102228.926
accurate (not off target)52.9142628.921
independent (not codependent)52.8128029.732
resourceful (not helpless)52.6170728.240
🧠 (not 💪)52.5142125.031
spirited (not lifeless)52.5164130.920
interested (not bored)52.4156627.645
hard-work (not natural-talent)52.4133426.930
badass (not weakass)52.2152230.825
still (not twitchy)52.172829.730
idealist (not realist)52.093530.237
reader (not writer)52.093831.124
evolutionist (not creationist)52.0122928.720
prankster (not anti-prank)52.079435.421
expressive (not monotone)51.9129432.228
head@clouds (not down2earth)51.890729.830
emotional (not unemotional)51.8151033.635
neat (not messy)51.7126926.727
unfaithful (not devoted)51.730327.437
🐀 (not 🐘)51.698333.336
jealous (not opinionated)51.637829.333
👩‍🔬 (not 👩‍🎤)51.596029.828
washed (not muddy)51.4131522.729
egalitarian (not racist)51.3173926.826
moderate (not gluttonous)51.3124230.021
enslaved (not emancipated)51.249934.031
😬 (not 😏)51.282536.329
rejected (not popular)51.2100128.222
snoops (not minds-own-business)51.2158831.222
permanent (not transient)51.1119329.828
🤖 (not 👻)51.194032.935
boundary breaking (not stereotypical)51.1123727.022
traitorous (not loyal)51.043327.126
human (not animalistic)51.0154127.532
mature (not juvenile)51.0116124.432
🐮 (not 🐷)51.0137929.429
neurotypical (not autistic)50.9165923.331
scrub (not legit)50.944023.525
atheist (not theist)50.7127829.725
long-winded (not concise)50.399427.628
indoorsy (not outdoorsy)50.3117731.620
wired (not tired)50.6136628.320
literal (not metaphorical)50.5142630.530

The lowest rating for any description in the table is 50.0 despite a 1 to 100 scale being used. This is because descriptions that had values lower than the midpoint were reversed. For example, a score of 1/100 for "hot (not cold)" is equivalent to a score of 100/100 for "cold (not hot)". This was done so that all the traits that are most distinctive for a character are at the top of the table.

Similar characters

The similarity between two characters can be calculated by taking the correlation between the lists of their traits. This produces a value from +1 to -1. With +1 implying that every trait one character is high on the other one is high on too, to an equal degree. And, -1 implying that if a character is high on specific trait, the other one is low on it. The 10 most and least similar characters to Edward Fairfax Rochester based on their crowd-sourced profiles are listed below with the correlation in parenthesis.

Most similar Least similar
  1. General Kirigan (0.798)
  2. Man in Black (0.783)
  3. The Queen (0.764)
  4. Malcolm Merlyn (0.761)
  5. Mr. Gold (0.754)
  6. Scar (0.752)
  7. Darth Vader (0.749)
  8. Kylo Ren (0.748)
  9. Cersei Lannister (0.747)
  10. Vicious (0.746)
  1. Chien-Po (-0.594)
  2. Flounder (-0.581)
  3. Emmet Brickowski (-0.574)
  4. Mayuri Shiina (-0.538)
  5. Leopold 'Butters' Stotch (-0.518)
  6. Jerry Gergich (-0.514)
  7. Kelly Erin Hannon (-0.513)
  8. Ducky (-0.509)
  9. Nelson Bighetti (-0.508)
  10. Hilda Spellman (-0.501)

Personality types

Users who took the quiz were asked to self-identify their Myers-Briggs and Enneagram types. We can look at the average match scores of these different groups of users with Edward Fairfax Rochester to see what personality types people who describe themselves in ways similar to the way Edward Fairfax Rochester is described identify as.

Myers-Briggs Self-type Average match score with character Number of users


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