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This website has been offering a wide selection of psychological assessments, mostly personality tests, since late 2011 and has given millions of results since then. It exists to educate the public about various personality tests, their uses and meaning, the various theories of personality and also to collect data for research and develop new measures. This website is under continuous development and new tests and information are being added all the time.

This website also exists for the promotion of open source assessments and open data. A number of open source measures of popular psychological constructs have been developed and are made available under a creative commons license on this website, see the full list. Also, at the end of every test users are asked if their data can be saved and used for research. The (anonymous) data that this yields can be downloaded from the data page. This data has been used in 25+ journal articles, see this list.

Using the interactive tests

You are strongly discouraged from using any of the interactive pages on this website for anything other than one time personal use. This website is undergoing continual improvement and pages on this website may be updated or removed and scoring algorithms changed at any time. There have been several unfortunate incidents where people have been using a test of ours for a class project or something and the first email they ever sent us was about how changes to the website had ruined their project.

If you wish to use any of instruments here to collect data, please check the documentation or citation for the materials and implement your own survey. This will be strictly better as you will have more control over the data you receive and will provide a more seamless user experience.


To contact the website operator, email info @ this website with your questions, corrections, suggestions, proposals, etc. Or post a public comment, review, etc. using the comment box below.

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