Development of the OSPP "What character are you?" test

This page serves as documentation for the OSPP "What character are you?" test. The interactive version can be found here.


The idea of this test is to match takers to a fictional character based on similarity of personality.

A fictional character does not have a real personality, but people might perceive it to have one. It is unknown if this perception of personality actually has the same structure as human individual differences.

This test assumes that a character's assumed personality is reflected in the average ratings of individuals. To collect this data a survey was developed. In it, the volunteer respondent rates 30 characters on 1 trait each, randomly drawn from a bank of 30 traits. With enough data, all the individual surveys can be combined into a comprehensive database of assumed personality.



The current active version provides match scores that range from 0-100. To produce that score, the correlation is computed between the average rated scores for each character and the self ratings provided by the user. This correlation ranges between -1 and 1, so to turn it into a percent, 1 is added to that number and multiplied by 50.


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Updated: 18 April 2019


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