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Lilah MacManus Descriptive Personality Statistics

Reference picture of Lilah MacManus

Lilah MacManus is a character from Ctrl+Alt+Del.

This page summarizes crowd sourced ratings of their personality collected from users of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz. This website has recruited more than 3 million volunteers to rate characters on descriptive adjectives and other properties, which can be aggregated to create profiles that users can be matched to as part of a personality test. For more information about how the ratings were collected and how they are used, see the documentation.

Aggregated ratings for 400 descriptions

The table shows the average rating the character received for each descriptive item on a 1 to 100 scale and what that character's rank for the description is among all 2,000 characters in the database. It also shows the standard deviation of the ratings and how many different individuals submitted a rating for that description.

ItemAverage ratingRankRating standard deviationNumber of raters
sexual (not asexual)95.2194.84
on-time (not tardy)92.0598.04
heroic (not villainous)91.77012.58
🧢 (not 🎩)88.13112.58
indie (not pop)88.0283.54
nerd (not jock)87.418415.718
down2earth (not head@clouds)87.33416.66
not genocidal (not genocidal)87.313618.510
freelance (not corporate)87.212211.15
feminine (not masculine)86.519215.314
purple (not orange)86.33014.112
forgiving (not vengeful)85.48213.710
pointed (not random)85.119310.47
reasonable (not deranged)83.812410.34
🚴 (not 🏋️‍♂️)83.010812.28
civilized (not barbaric)82.233320.410
mature (not juvenile)82.122112.98
mainstream (not arcane)82.02216.45
nurturing (not poisonous)81.822317.76
legit (not scrub)80.829525.412
western (not eastern)80.66227.75
gendered (not androgynous)80.457725.910
sober (not indulgent)79.65317.911
sensible (not ludicrous)79.420125.85
reasoned (not instinctual)78.86611.66
bookish (not sporty)78.751016.512
devoted (not unfaithful)78.782521.08
studious (not goof-off)78.454811.35
straight (not queer)78.351430.111
opinionated (not neutral)77.978726.19
loyal (not traitorous)77.786524.87
beautiful (not ugly)77.683917.55
Roman (not Greek)77.32817.94
linear (not circular)76.83930.05
literal (not metaphorical)76.813212.95
earth (not air)76.719027.87
family-first (not work-first)76.632811.45
🎃 (not 💀)76.514532.24
consistent (not variable)76.422423.09
wise (not foolish)76.231616.411
unlucky (not fortunate)75.718712.08
multicolored (not monochrome)75.722028.34
persistent (not quitter)75.7127926.97
miserable (not joyful)75.430825.37
boy/girl-next-door (not celebrity)75.445238.15
skeptical (not spiritual)75.054520.123
urban (not rural)75.046226.212
🥰 (not 🙃)75.020437.05
metrosexual (not macho)75.024723.79
feminist (not sexist)74.768933.57
love-focused (not money-focused)74.470220.89
deliberate (not spontaneous)74.352124.912
realistic (not ambitious)74.29328.813
coordinated (not clumsy)74.069131.05
domestic (not industrial)73.912727.87
provincial (not cosmopolitan)73.813325.66
cynical (not gullible)73.749625.911
fast (not slow)73.660118.87
stoic (not hypochondriac)73.527523.56
politically correct (not edgy)73.419419.67
altruistic (not selfish)73.343412.48
pessimistic (not optimistic)73.326332.916
🎨 (not 🏀)73.363124.412
precise (not vague)73.249921.25
twitchy (not still)73.239627.85
resolute (not wavering)72.851823.19
jaded (not innocent)72.46419.55
modern (not historical)72.436129.17
unambiguous (not mysterious)72.329622.44
moody (not stable)72.262426.05
serious (not bold)72.220528.413
high-tech (not low-tech)72.237034.96
rock (not rap)72.08599.75
dominant (not submissive)71.875231.010
well behaved (not mischievous)71.830719.65
contrarian (not yes-man)71.841025.011
cautious (not impulsive)71.733121.714
smooth (not rough)71.727120.29
🤐 (not 😜)71.735518.09
manicured (not scruffy)71.677012.35
bossy (not meek)71.580223.88
attractive (not repulsive)71.492723.613
libertarian (not socialist)71.312526.17
sarcastic (not genuine)71.339726.315
demure (not vain)71.22297.611
pain-avoidant (not masochistic)71.011429.510
generous (not stingy)71.05669.58
one-faced (not two-faced)70.969617.77
important (not irrelevant)70.511124.06
tasteful (not lewd)70.456618.97
mild (not spicy)70.421629.57
grateful (not entitled)70.437518.99
often crying (not never cries)70.428525.110
insulting (not complimentary)70.236524.46
human (not animalistic)70.186732.810
alpha (not beta)69.975528.010
liberal (not conservative)69.855626.012
bold (not shy)69.8121822.25
triggered (not trolling)69.844335.15
pensive (not serene)69.860133.94
forward-thinking (not stuck-in-the-past)69.635525.87
city-slicker (not country-bumpkin)69.580326.28
water (not fire)69.530040.811
child free (not pronatalist)69.353924.78
rational (not whimsical)69.257025.011
🤺 (not 🏌)69.281040.58
efficient (not overprepared)69.249126.94
plastic (not wooden)69.211723.19
motivated (not unmotivated)69.2140232.417
transparent (not machiavellian)69.028724.74
👩‍🔬 (not 👩‍🎤)68.940632.09
😭 (not 😀)68.828129.59
🐮 (not 🐷)68.819028.211
patient (not impatient)68.625831.914
💃 (not 🧕)68.472632.28
debased (not pure)68.045433.75
oblivious (not alert)68.023731.85
thrifty (not extravagant)68.038813.85
proper (not scandalous)67.750830.315
self-conscious (not self-assured)67.218230.416
workaholic (not slacker)67.2117017.65
wholesome (not salacious)67.264729.15
frank (not sugarcoated)67.298930.29
cocky (not timid)67.295224.25
🧠 (not 💪)67.192929.79
weird (not normal)67.065322.55
🧐 (not 😎)67.041033.37
good-humored (not angry)66.963720.313
high IQ (not low IQ)66.9128021.810
blue-collar (not ivory-tower)66.850129.114
sheriff (not outlaw)66.855127.621
existentialist (not nihilist)66.843816.94
modest (not flamboyant)66.762329.36
mundane (not extraordinary)66.617432.517
reassuring (not fearmongering)66.465434.95
angelic (not demonic)66.467816.312
expressive (not stoic)66.369728.78
official (not backdoor)66.236537.25
high standards (not desperate)66.270124.85
political (not nonpolitical)66.057035.69
adventurous (not stick-in-the-mud)66.075631.64
street-smart (not sheltered)66.080814.85
orderly (not chaotic)65.965229.113
emancipated (not enslaved)65.780725.09
technophile (not luddite)65.737331.36
individualist (not communal)65.765934.76
respectful (not rude)65.676426.413
literary (not mathematical)65.564023.08
👻 (not 🤖)65.445624.35
opinionated (not jealous)65.4102228.78
strict (not lenient)65.465718.29
ferocious (not pacifist)65.479428.613
competent (not incompetent)65.4126139.910
kind (not cruel)65.3109233.511
thin (not thick)65.365618.89
equitable (not hypocritical)65.356919.26
charming (not awkward)65.281729.19
introspective (not not introspective)65.277734.311
English (not German)65.2130025.55
tattle-tale (not f***-the-police)65.132233.17
valedictorian (not drop out)65.096125.318
offended (not chill)65.066133.66
🤠 (not 🤑)64.978036.19
outsider (not insider)64.850623.25
explorer (not builder)64.857525.25
glad (not mad)64.840926.16
👟 (not 🥾)64.752530.19
dorky (not cool)64.649029.87
enlightened (not lost)64.542519.76
chic (not cheesy)64.447211.27
regular (not zany)64.232140.35
realist (not idealist)64.154626.723
refined (not rugged)64.074516.77
scholarly (not crafty)64.041221.86
vintage (not trendy)64.0100224.95
atheist (not theist)63.874227.05
blissful (not haunted)63.828923.94
factual (not exaggerating)63.660434.79
good-cook (not bad-cook)63.643327.49
vanilla (not kinky)63.555629.510
pro (not noob)63.5115539.76
geriatric (not vibrant)63.521720.54
chivalrous (not businesslike)63.554118.14
🛌 (not 🧗)63.431337.75
emotional (not unemotional)63.3106430.212
moderate (not extreme)63.234838.35
tactful (not indiscreet)63.179831.28
epic (not deep)63.144929.27
no-nonsense (not dramatic)63.052531.25
master (not apprentice)62.997132.99
melee (not ranged)62.924635.711
direct (not roundabout)62.8101832.313
intimate (not formal)62.858923.85
white knight (not bad boy)62.782827.69
proletariat (not bourgeoisie)62.660829.911
go-getter (not slugabed)62.6142739.65
trusting (not suspicious)62.551025.313
uninspiring (not charismatic)62.514138.26
👽 (not 🤡)62.560125.86
😊 (not 🤣)62.586930.18
disorganized (not self-disciplined)62.435438.85
Pepsi (not Coke)62.320427.04
basic (not hipster)62.273733.010
🧙 (not 👨‍🚀)62.260922.85
overachiever (not underachiever)62.2129632.64
analysis (not common sense)62.266936.16
summer (not winter)62.267216.55
side character (not main character)62.271233.513
ironic (not profound)62.050433.48
trash (not treasure)61.923734.97
ignorant (not knowledgeable)61.828529.24
bashful (not exhibitionist)61.828827.69
oppressed (not privileged)61.540628.24
scheduled (not spontaneous)61.486431.621
🌟 (not 💩)61.4125738.79
permanent (not transient)61.365227.310
focused on the future (not focused on the present)61.244126.922
trusting (not charming)61.247532.220
authoritarian (not democratic)61.057134.610
hard (not soft)61.081034.27
utilitarian (not decorative)61.090735.813
loose (not tight)61.039328.213
centrist (not radical)60.939230.614
playful (not serious)60.853638.25
heathen (not devout)60.850727.58
princess (not queen)60.844437.15
diligent (not lazy)60.6158531.412
straightforward (not cryptic)60.6106128.77
neurotypical (not autistic)60.4124035.08
deep (not shallow)60.397322.17
flimsy (not sturdy)60.333326.76
doer (not thinker)60.396824.511
egalitarian (not racist)60.2151520.05
works hard (not plays hard)60.1108722.212
low self esteem (not narcissistic)60.146527.89
realistic (not fantastical)60.186138.37
penny-pincher (not overspender)60.077621.29
washed (not muddy)60.099132.16
warm (not quarrelsome)59.963828.611
healthy (not sickly)59.9121532.811
gloomy (not sunny)59.883923.25
poorly-written (not believable)59.82433.16
sorrowful (not cheery)59.792432.67
bright (not depressed)59.767427.37
dramatic (not comedic)59.7112432.013
warm (not cold)59.685428.010
real (not philosophical)59.6100031.85
whippersnapper (not sage)59.560028.911
😏 (not 😬)59.481827.85
normie (not freak)59.458715.45
humble (not arrogant)59.363928.08
gracious (not feisty)59.333930.76
😇 (not 😈)59.381023.310
involved (not remote)59.1127729.87
private (not gregarious)58.8102335.55
young (not old)58.8107725.313
clean (not perverted)58.7113026.56
resourceful (not helpless)58.6150031.15
proactive (not reactive)58.543633.94
extrovert (not introvert)58.490420.912
conventional (not creative)58.364330.612
👨‍🔧 (not 👨‍⚕️)58.375733.58
stuttering (not rhythmic)58.232143.75
quirky (not predictable)58.174128.317
innocent (not worldly)58.040726.95
short (not tall)58.061621.049
psychopath (not empath)58.054940.44
paranoid (not naive)58.094428.621
tame (not wild)57.958727.08
frugal (not lavish)57.886922.910
🙅‍♂️ (not 🙋‍♂️)57.855925.88
sweet (not bitter)57.782923.47
relaxed (not tense)57.629421.45
🦒 (not 🐐)57.625333.415
social (not reclusive)57.588430.513
🐀 (not 🐘)57.567138.18
concise (not long-winded)57.572123.411
patriotic (not unpatriotic)57.4122131.79
unfixable (not fixable)57.449932.95
lustful (not chaste)57.389628.015
resistant (not resigned)57.0142524.38
neat (not messy)57.0106729.26
self-improving (not self-destructive)57.068044.35
flower child (not goth)56.8109425.35
artistic (not scientific)56.779439.67
rich (not poor)56.7100817.023
monotone (not expressive)56.752335.411
romantic (not dispassionate)56.5126130.16
apathetic (not curious)56.428433.79
assertive (not passive)56.4132833.711
sheeple (not conspiracist)56.432435.15
hard-work (not natural-talent)56.4111630.211
mighty (not puny)56.3128219.57
frenzied (not sleepy)56.3157730.26
compersive (not jealous)56.278028.212
perceptive (not unobservant)56.2154923.86
open to new experinces (not uncreative)56.1136333.511
generalist (not specialist)56.140733.28
impartial (not biased)56.021118.95
🦄 (not 🐴)56.065039.98
musical (not off-key)56.062724.99
statist (not anarchist)55.985732.77
highbrow (not lowbrow)55.8110328.213
prestigious (not disreputable)55.8113726.66
stubborn (not accommodating)55.8138632.96
French (not Russian)55.7106831.811
prideful (not envious)55.7150128.26
giving (not receiving)55.6112132.09
gamer (not non-gamer)55.556636.513
obedient (not rebellious)55.461328.15
average (not deviant)55.456429.310
sad (not happy)55.3112023.814
protagonist (not antagonist)55.3139037.49
repetitive (not varied)55.2102032.75
blacksmith (not tailor)55.263123.411
cultured (not rustic)55.2111028.111
hurried (not leisurely)55.1102333.77
loveable (not punchable)55.1117032.415
subdued (not exuberant)55.063436.15
gatherer (not hunter)55.078029.95
codependent (not independent)54.857133.613
punk rock (not preppy)54.872623.76
dog person (not cat person)54.886137.55
Italian (not Swedish)54.787530.98
traumatized (not flourishing)54.6123227.95
slow-talking (not fast-talking)54.655129.516
🥶 (not 🥵)54.465637.65
flexible (not rigid)54.172028.79
calm (not anxious)53.968329.716
fresh (not stinky)53.8131335.75
theoretical (not empirical)53.751022.916
📈 (not 📉)53.7133335.612
demanding (not unchallenging)53.7150131.47
classical (not avant-garde)53.6103934.47
chosen one (not everyman)53.6101934.810
genius (not dunce)53.5135727.214
weakass (not badass)53.543635.113
complicated (not simple)53.4133228.713
eloquent (not unpolished)53.4116528.85
judgemental (not accepting)53.494834.512
open-minded (not close-minded)53.4117227.57
hard (not soft)53.4102431.05
unassuming (not pretentious)53.472234.95
astonishing (not methodical)53.268334.411
'right-brained' (not 'left-brained')53.256534.78
🥳 (not 🥴)53.271917.15
guarded (not open)53.1144432.615
🐿 (not 🦇)53.1107930.68
brave (not careful)53.0125127.011
competitive (not cooperative)52.9118534.77
tiresome (not interesting)52.936930.912
vulnerable (not armoured)52.965219.410
insecure (not confident)52.852330.118
practical (not imaginative)52.8120734.318
poetic (not factual)52.874829.86
reliable (not experimental)52.8103134.88
interested (not bored)52.8149037.910
humorless (not funny)52.673433.116
crazy (not sane)52.694238.37
prudish (not flirtatious)52.682224.311
driven (not unambitious)52.5179730.514
soulless (not soulful)52.543932.76
shy (not playful)52.449321.45
creepy (not disarming)52.447925.95
cringeworthy (not inspiring)52.471823.18
quiet (not loud)52.389022.210
confidential (not gossiping)52.3132234.012
distant (not touchy-feely)52.3107627.48
slothful (not active)52.226133.412
obsessed (not aloof)52.0143324.613
stylish (not slovenly)52.0125831.05
lighthearted (not intense)52.057434.58
minimalist (not pack rat)51.9108237.39
cannibal (not vegan)51.987921.59
hoarder (not unprepared)51.8123032.48
concrete (not abstract)51.8115040.94
first-mate (not captain)51.797033.811
folksy (not presidential)51.786934.64
ADHD (not OCD)51.769920.96
reserved (not chatty)51.697229.710
lover (not fighter)51.497228.610
awkward (not suspicious)51.367432.413
dry (not moist)51.397331.67
intellectual (not physical)51.2127839.05
💝 (not 💔)51.2105042.05
🤔 (not 🤫)51.2123526.36
emotional (not logical)51.1110132.022
giggling (not chortling)51.164530.711
honorable (not cunning)51.0119220.67
night owl (not morning lark)51.0121338.06
unorthodox (not traditional)51.0112131.47
monastic (not hedonist)51.08097.04
tautology (not oxymoron)51.060327.97
decisive (not hesitant)50.2143830.113
spelunker (not claustrophobic)50.2133427.19
always down (not picky)50.278828.46
subjective (not objective)50.3104929.64
attentive (not interrupting)50.3108231.112
sensitive (not thick-skinned)50.690430.55
🐒 (not 🐩)50.689932.45
open-book (not secretive)50.668822.312

The lowest rating for any description in the table is 50.0 despite a 1 to 100 scale being used. This is because descriptions that had values lower than the midpoint were reversed. For example, a score of 1/100 for "hot (not cold)" is equivalent to a score of 100/100 for "cold (not hot)". This was done so that all the traits that are most distinctive for a character are at the top of the table.

Similar characters

The similarity between two characters can be calculated by taking the correlation between the lists of their traits. This produces a value from +1 to -1. With +1 implying that every trait one character is high on the other one is high on too, to an equal degree. And, -1 implying that if a character is high on specific trait, the other one is low on it. The 10 most and least similar characters to Lilah MacManus based on their crowd-sourced profiles are listed below with the correlation in parenthesis.

Most similar Least similar
  1. Liz (0.54)
  2. Abby Lockhart (0.538)
  3. Calvin's mom (0.534)
  4. Rachel Dawes (0.522)
  5. Veronica Donovan (0.512)
  6. Ms. Sharon Norbury (0.511)
  7. Chloe Decker (0.504)
  8. Holly Gennero-McClane (0.504)
  9. Hazel Grace Lancaster (0.503)
  10. Stan Marsh (0.5)
  1. Zapp Brannigan (-0.31)
  2. The Deep (-0.307)
  3. Pierce Hawthorne (-0.303)
  4. George Wickham (-0.294)
  5. George Oscar 'Gob' Bluth (-0.291)
  6. Jeff Portnoy (-0.288)
  7. John Willoughby (-0.288)
  8. Krusty the Clown (-0.287)
  9. Frank Gallagher (-0.282)
  10. Prince John (-0.28)

Personality types

Users who took the quiz were asked to self-identify their Myers-Briggs and Enneagram types. We can look at the average match scores of these different groups of users with Lilah MacManus to see what personality types people who describe themselves in ways similar to the way Lilah MacManus is described identify as.

Myers-Briggs Self-type Average match score with character Number of users


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