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Most hard-work or natural-talent characters

As part of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz, this website has had volunteers rate 2,000 characters on a 100 point scale from "hard-work" to "natural-talent". This page lists the 25 characters whose average ratings were the farthest to either side. Because the scale is bipolar, it is reversable. For example, a rating of 1/100 for "hard-work" is the same as 100/100 for "natural-talent". See the documentation for more information about how these ratings were collected.

Most hard-work characters

RankAverage ratingNumber of ratersName
190.812Buddy Pine (The Incredibles)
289.323Mumen Rider (One Punch Man)
389.314Mike Wazowski (Monsters, Inc.)
488.5116Fiona Gallagher (Shameless)
588.274Red Forman (That 70's Show)
687.839Brienne of Tarth (Game of Thrones)
787.3164Amy Santiago (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)
887.136Michael Groff (Sex Education)
986.715Jared Dunn (Silicon Valley)
1086.369Fantine (Les Misérables)
1186.043Charlie Carson (Downton Abbey)
1286.042Miranda Hobbes (Sex and the City)
1385.6211Nani Pelekai (Lilo & Stitch)
1485.654Javert (Les Misérables)
1585.417Frank Vernon (Succession)
1685.426Calvin's dad (Calvin and Hobbes)
1785.412Hunter Aloysius Percy (The OA)
1885.314Frank Sobotka (The Wire)
1985.320Dominique DiPierro (Mr. Robot)
2085.332William Adama (Battlestar Galactica)
2185.179George S. Hammond (Stargate SG-1)
2284.9124Applejack (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
2384.959Nina Sayers (Black Swan)
2484.935Matt Saracen (Friday Night Lights)
2584.858Jean Valjean (Les Misérables)

Most natural-talent characters

RankAverage ratingNumber of ratersName
188.676Tracy Jordan (30 Rock)
288.033Sterling Archer (Archer)
387.420the Alien (Alien)
485.6110River Tam (Firefly + Serenity)
584.719Dashiell Parr (The Incredibles)
684.318Ryuk (Death Note)
784.054Captain Hammer (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)
883.624Ferris Bueller (Ferris Bueller's Day Off)
983.321Jamie Tartt (Ted Lasso)
1082.719Neal Caffrey (White Collar)
1182.433Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes)
1282.321Ilana Wexler (Broad City)
1382.396Homelander (The Boys)
1481.820The Amphibian Man (The Shape of Water)
1581.823Calvin (Calvin and Hobbes)
1681.617Jaskier (The Witcher)
1781.526Bender Bending Rodriguez (Futurama)
1881.3126Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
1981.344Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)
2080.822L (Death Note)
2180.6156Ed (Cowboy Bebop)
2280.546Jeff Winger (Community)
2380.2174Klaus Hargreeves (The Umbrella Academy)
2479.917Marty Mikalski (The Cabin in the Woods)
2579.5121Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)

Similar traits

The survey has 400 different descriptive scales that the characters can be rated on. This list is the 10 other scales that that have the highest correlation with hard-work<--->natural-talent when aggregated at the character level.

  1. works hard (not plays hard) (r=0.64)
  2. concrete (not abstract) (r=0.57)
  3. scheduled (not spontaneous) (r=0.57)
  4. workaholic (not slacker) (r=0.56)
  5. practical (not imaginative) (r=0.55)
  6. methodical (not astonishing) (r=0.55)
  7. reliable (not experimental) (r=0.55)
  8. on-time (not tardy) (r=0.54)
  9. orderly (not chaotic) (r=0.53)
  10. penny-pincher (not overspender) (r=0.52)


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