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Most noob or pro characters

As part of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz, this website has had volunteers rate 2,000 characters on a 100 point scale from "noob" to "pro". This page lists the 25 characters whose average ratings were the farthest to either side. Because the scale is bipolar, it is reversable. For example, a rating of 1/100 for "noob" is the same as 100/100 for "pro". See the documentation for more information about how these ratings were collected.

Most noob characters

RankAverage ratingNumber of ratersName
194.911Ziggy Sobotka (The Wire)
292.133Denny (The Room)
389.251Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones)
489.024Jerry Gergich (Parks and Recreation)
588.522Jonah Ryan (Veep)
686.9118Petunia Dursley (Harry Potter)
786.765Buster Bluth (Arrested Development)
886.360Tobias Funke (Arrested Development)
984.918Cyril Figgis (Archer)
1084.756George Michael Bluth (Arrested Development)
1184.311Lenny (After Life)
1283.917William Mason (Downton Abbey)
1382.615Pete Campbell (Mad Men)
1482.1113Milhouse Van Houten (The Simpsons)
1582.061Craig Pelton (Community)
1681.949Leopold 'Butters' Stotch (South Park)
1781.525Patrick Star (SpongeBob SquarePants)
1881.325Arturo Roman (Money Heist)
1981.111Petrie (The Land Before Time)
2081.030Glenn Sturgis (Superstore)
2180.710Tom Wambsgans (Succession)
2280.789Matt Donovan (The Vampire Diaries)
2380.4109Alan Harper (Two and Half Men)
2480.374Prince John (Robin Hood)
2580.127Cyndee Pokorny (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)

Most pro characters

RankAverage ratingNumber of ratersName
198.213Li Mu Bai (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
298.171John Wick (John Wick)
397.817Omar Little (The Wire)
497.733Yoda (Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith)
597.319Lester Freamon (The Wire)
697.118Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace (Battlestar Galactica)
797.117Mikasa Ackermann (Attack on Titan)
896.917Richard D. Winters (Band of Brothers)
996.8125Zoe Washburne (Firefly + Serenity)
1096.838Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
1196.829Temperance Brennan (Bones)
1296.633James Bond (Tommorrow Never Dies)
1396.310Neal Caffrey (White Collar)
1496.220Levi Ackermann (Attack on Titan)
1596.115Chris Kyle (American Sniper)
1696.134Lagertha (Vikings)
1796.123Elizabeth Jennings (The Americans)
1896.046Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal)
1995.627Inej Ghafa (Shadow and Bone)
2095.319Logan Roy (Succession)
2195.210Joan Holloway (Mad Men)
2295.115Shirley Schmidt (Boston Legal)
2395.177Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)
2495.18Frank Reagan (Blue Bloods)
2595.0105Gandalf (Lord of the Rings)

Similar traits

The survey has 400 different descriptive scales that the characters can be rated on. This list is the 10 other scales that that have the highest correlation with noob<--->pro when aggregated at the character level.

  1. helpless (not resourceful) (r=0.82)
  2. apprentice (not master) (r=0.8)
  3. puny (not mighty) (r=0.79)
  4. weakass (not badass) (r=0.79)
  5. oblivious (not alert) (r=0.78)
  6. incompetent (not competent) (r=0.77)
  7. flimsy (not sturdy) (r=0.74)
  8. clumsy (not coordinated) (r=0.74)
  9. codependent (not independent) (r=0.74)
  10. dunce (not genius) (r=0.74)


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