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Most pointless or meaningful characters

As part of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz, this website has had volunteers rate 2,000 characters on a 100 point scale from "pointless" to "meaningful". This page lists the 25 characters whose average ratings were the farthest to either side. Because the scale is bipolar, it is reversable. For example, a rating of 1/100 for "pointless" is the same as 100/100 for "meaningful". See the documentation for more information about how these ratings were collected.

Most pointless characters

RankAverage ratingNumber of ratersName
193.26Ziggy Sobotka (The Wire)
289.37Ryan Howard (The Office)
387.713Rita Skeeter (Harry Potter)
487.519Arturo Roman (Money Heist)
587.39Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)
687.37Michelle (The Room)
787.26Jenna Maroney (30 Rock)
887.09Zapp Brannigan (Futurama)
986.513Commodus (Gladiator)
1086.416Jonah Ryan (Veep)
1185.98Robert California (The Office)
1285.68George Wickham (Pride and Prejudice)
1385.45Hideki Ide (Death Note)
1485.18Linda Montag (Fahrenheit 451)
1584.49Meredith Palmer (The Office)
1684.424Joey Donner (10 Things I Hate About You)
1784.28Michael Kelso (That 70's Show)
1883.622Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones)
1983.115Prince Humperdinck (The Princess Bride)
2083.06James Taggart (Atlas Shrugged)
2182.58Logan Delos (Westworld)
2282.48Lindsay Bluth Funke (Arrested Development)
2382.014Sid Phillips (Toy Story)
2481.86Pete Hornberger (30 Rock)
2581.69Tobias Funke (Arrested Development)

Most meaningful characters

RankAverage ratingNumber of ratersName
197.29Josiah Bartlet (The West Wing)
297.09Dagny Taggart (Atlas Shrugged)
396.89Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
495.413Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
595.315Maximus (Gladiator)
695.010Jean Valjean (Les Misérables)
795.010Rubeus Hagrid (Harry Potter)
894.915Lester Freamon (The Wire)
994.715Li Mu Bai (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
1094.65Black Panther (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
1194.545Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)
1294.19Richard D. Winters (Band of Brothers)
1393.816L (Death Note)
1493.88Yu Shu Lien (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)
1593.416Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)
1693.310Thomas Shelby (Peaky Blinders)
1793.221Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith)
1893.25Ellen Parsons (Damages)
1993.114Derrial Book (Firefly + Serenity)
2093.137Leroy Jethro Gibbs (NCIS)
2193.115Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)
2293.19Teal'c (Stargate SG-1)
2393.09Gandalf (Lord of the Rings)
2493.09Waverly Earp (Wynonna Earp)
2593.010Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

Similar traits

The survey has 400 different descriptive scales that the characters can be rated on. This list is the 10 other scales that that have the highest correlation with pointless<--->meaningful when aggregated at the character level.

  1. cringeworthy (not inspiring) (r=0.78)
  2. shallow (not deep) (r=0.78)
  3. scrub (not legit) (r=0.76)
  4. incompetent (not competent) (r=0.74)
  5. ignorant (not knowledgeable) (r=0.72)
  6. foolish (not wise) (r=0.71)
  7. irrelevant (not important) (r=0.7)
  8. not introspective (not introspective) (r=0.7)
  9. trash (not treasure) (r=0.69)
  10. generic (not insightful) (r=0.69)


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