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Most goth or flower child characters

As part of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz, this website has had volunteers rate 2,000 characters on a 100 point scale from "goth" to "flower child". This page lists the 25 characters whose average ratings were the farthest to either side. Because the scale is bipolar, it is reversable. For example, a rating of 1/100 for "goth" is the same as 100/100 for "flower child". See the documentation for more information about how these ratings were collected.

Most goth characters

RankAverage ratingNumber of ratersName
196.632Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter)
295.788Sid Phillips (Toy Story)
395.155Father Faustus Blackwood (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
495.031Man in Black (Westworld)
594.918Silco (Arcane)
694.89Bertram Gilfoyle (Silicon Valley)
794.7174Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
893.817the Alien (Alien)
993.538April Ludgate (Parks and Recreation)
1093.127Jane Margolis (Breaking Bad)
1192.8124Scar (The Lion King)
1292.215Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher)
1391.587Mazikeen (Lucifer)
1491.319Scorpius (Farscape)
1591.232Trinity (The Matrix)
1691.048Firelord Ozai (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
1791.087Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto)
1891.023Kaz Brekker (Shadow and Bone)
1990.788Batman (The Lego Movie)
2090.729Severus Snape (Harry Potter)
2190.663The Wicked Witch of the West (The Wizard of Oz)
2290.543Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)
2390.5102Darth Vader (Star Wars)
2490.350Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter)
2590.138Mary Wardwell (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)

Most flower child characters

RankAverage ratingNumber of ratersName
198.016Emma Pillsbury (Glee)
296.221Donna Sheridan (Mamma Mia!)
396.223Mayuri Shiina (Steins;Gate)
496.233Kelly Erin Hannon (The Office)
595.829Kimmy Schmidt (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)
695.541Rapunzel (Tangled)
795.356Emmet Brickowski (The Lego Movie)
895.130Maid Marian (Robin Hood)
994.971Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
1094.845SpongeBob SquarePants (SpongeBob SquarePants)
1194.775Jess Day (New Girl)
1294.730Rebecca Pearson (This Is Us)
1394.3145Olaf (Frozen)
1493.916Armin Arlert (Attack on Titan)
1593.817Aimee Gibbs (Sex Education)
1693.77Ted Lasso (Ted Lasso)
1793.676Dorothy Gale (The Wizard of Oz)
1893.618Emma Nelson (Degrassi: The Next Generation)
1993.328Emily Cooper (Emily in Paris)
2093.3100Pinkie Pie (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
2193.120Eric Effiong (Sex Education)
2292.975Jane Villanueva (Jane the Virgin)
2392.734Mary Margaret Blanchard (Once Upon a Time)
2492.737Penny (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)
2592.633Maria (West Side Story)

Similar traits

The survey has 400 different descriptive scales that the characters can be rated on. This list is the 10 other scales that that have the highest correlation with goth<--->flower child when aggregated at the character level.

  1. 🦇 (not 🐿) (r=0.81)
  2. gloomy (not sunny) (r=0.76)
  3. 💀 (not 🎃) (r=0.74)
  4. hard (not soft) (r=0.73)
  5. hard (not soft) (r=0.73)
  6. haunted (not blissful) (r=0.73)
  7. savory (not sweet) (r=0.72)
  8. cold (not warm) (r=0.71)
  9. mad (not glad) (r=0.71)
  10. grumpy (not cheery) (r=0.7)


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