Personality Tests

On-line tests

Here are some printable versions of the personality tests on this website. These are made available with no restrictions on use, however keep in mind that they are not professionally validated are not infallible are not suitable for medical diagnosis and are best used for educational purposes only.

They are provided in Portable Document Format, a PDF reader will be required to use them (you probably already have one, but if you don't Sumatra PDF is a good, free and lightweight program).

  • Here is a printable version of the big five personality test, constructed with items from the International Personality Item Pool. The big five personality traits are currently the best accepted model in personality psychology. This test is a good one for familiarizing yourself or others with the basics of personality psychology.
  • Here is a printable version of the Open Extended Jungian Type Scales, an alternative to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  • Here is a printable version of the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, the most commonly used measure of sub-clinical narcissism. The NPI is a popular test, although because of its quite charged implications, it should be used carefully.
  • Here is a printable version of the Holland Code (RIASEC) Test. The Holland Codes personality system, which provides a distinct personality type for each individual which can be nice, is centered around career counseling.
  • Here is a printable version of an IQ test developed on this website. It is no where near the quality of a professional IQ test but may be interesting and its internal workings are very visible so it may be useful for education.
  • Here is a printable version of the Open Hemispheric Brain Dominance Scale, a measure of left-brained versus right-brained thinking, a discredited by popular personality theory.