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After Life

The dataset of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz includes characters from the fictional universe of After Life.


The dataset has 6 characters from this universe. They are ordered in the list below by their notability (see Note 1).

Notability Name
89.6Tony Johnson
75.0Lisa Johnson
46.9Matt Braden

To see how each character was rated by users, view their individual page.


The graph below shows what percent of people selected this universe as something they knew well enough to rate characters from by the age of the user (for users between 13 and 60 years of age).


As part of the survey where they rated characters, users were also asked the question "How do you rate After Life?". The distribution of their responses are below.

# Response Count
1 It's the worst 20
2 It's bad 14
3 It's okay 336
4 It's good 896
5 It's my favorite 192

This gives it an average score of 3.84 / 5. Making it 227th out of the 342 universes in the dataset ordered by rating.

The average rating may be hard to generalize though, the users of one online personality quiz could not be representative of the population in important ways. And there are some very obvious things you can point to: users of this quiz are more likely to be young and more likely to be women.

There are several different ways that average ratings can be broken down. Here are average scores by gender:

Gender Average rating
Male 3.79
Female 3.86

The responses to the personality quiz can also be cross referenced with the universe ratings to see how personality affects it. The table below show the correlation between a user's response to a specific self report item and their rating of this universe.

Item Correlation with rating n
indulgent (not sober)0.11461335
nerd (not jock)0.10991348
nurturing (not poisonous)0.10181330
disarming (not creepy)0.10011533
lenient (not strict)0.09031552
altruistic (not selfish)0.08181332
intimate (not formal)0.08131334
loyal (not traitorous)0.07871537
low-tech (not high-tech)0.07691329
stinky (not fresh)0.07111334
slovenly (not stylish)0.06891329
reasonable (not deranged)0.06191548
chaotic (not orderly)0.05741332
frugal (not lavish)0.04521335
ivory-tower (not blue-collar)0.04471329
mature (not juvenile)0.04031349
sarcastic (not genuine)0.03861331
angelic (not demonic)0.03811337
emotional (not logical)0.0331534
deep (not shallow)0.03231344
stick-in-the-mud (not adventurous)0.0311336
beta (not alpha)0.0311332
social (not reclusive)0.031334
feminine (not masculine)0.02781549
bossy (not meek)0.02611351
genius (not dunce)0.02491331
haunted (not blissful)0.02171333
arcane (not mainstream)0.02151539
awkward (not charming)0.01791345
artistic (not scientific)0.01761345
sheriff (not outlaw)0.01681329
feisty (not gracious)0.0161334
skeptical (not spiritual)0.01441333
rebellious (not obedient)0.0131334
creative (not conventional)0.00671349
wild (not tame)0.00051347

How these items predict the ratings for this universe can be compared to how the same items predict the ratings of other universes. The universes with the most similar patterns on the predictors are:


  1. Notability is computed as the average of 204: important (not irrelevant) and 401: main character (not side character).
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