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Most rude or respectful characters

As part of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz, this website has had volunteers rate 2,000 characters on a 100 point scale from "rude" to "respectful". This page lists the 25 characters whose average ratings were the farthest to either side. Because the scale is bipolar, it is reversable. For example, a rating of 1/100 for "rude" is the same as 100/100 for "respectful". See the documentation for more information about how these ratings were collected.

Most rude characters

RankAverage ratingNumber of ratersName
198.645Eric Cartman (South Park)
298.1255Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones)
395.6837Sid Phillips (Toy Story)
495.590Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)
594.255Count Olaf (A Series of Unfortunate Events)
693.624Zapp Brannigan (Futurama)
793.5132Prince John (Robin Hood)
893.117Malory Archer (Archer)
992.713Logan Roy (Succession)
1092.6467Nelson Muntz (The Simpsons)
1192.4431Mr. Burns (The Simpsons)
1292.3383Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter)
1392.216Randall Boggs (Monsters, Inc.)
1492.144Nate Jacobs (Euphoria)
1592.1207Gavin Belson (Silicon Valley)
1692.1676Regina George (Mean Girls)
1792.1339Merle Dixon (The Walking Dead)
1892.033Bender Bending Rodriguez (Futurama)
1991.9416Pierce Hawthorne (Community)
2091.473Frank Gallagher (Shameless)
2191.4369Bellatrix Lestrange (Harry Potter)
2291.228Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (Dune)
2391.2142Chef Skinner (Ratatouille)
2491.184Billy Butcher (The Boys)
2591.081Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development)

Most respectful characters

RankAverage ratingNumber of ratersName
196.115Sam Obisanya (Ted Lasso)
294.6115Kenneth Parcell (30 Rock)
394.415Dembe Zuma (The Blacklist)
494.3315Charlie Young (The West Wing)
594.120Ted Lasso (Ted Lasso)
693.629Penny (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)
793.49Jamie Reagan (Blue Bloods)
893.4137Mamá Coco (Coco)
993.3550Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
1093.324Elinor Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility)
1193.291Walter 'Radar' O'Reilly (M*A*S*H)
1293.211Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
1393.172Emmet Brickowski (The Lego Movie)
1492.7290Samwell Tarly (Game of Thrones)
1592.7165Vision (WandaVision)
1692.755Princess Celestia (My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic)
1792.6366Jane Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)
1892.571Hilda Spellman (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
1992.4206Jared Dunn (Silicon Valley)
2092.393Francis Mulcahy (M*A*S*H)
2192.213Aram Mojtabai (The Blacklist)
2292.0327Beth March (Little Women)
2392.0330Alfred Pennyworth (The Dark Knight)
2491.944Monty Green (The 100)
2591.7141Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)

Similar traits

The survey has 400 different descriptive scales that the characters can be rated on. This list is the 10 other scales that that have the highest correlation with rude<--->respectful when aggregated at the character level.

  1. insulting (not complimentary) (r=0.89)
  2. arrogant (not humble) (r=0.86)
  3. 😈 (not 😇) (r=0.86)
  4. demonic (not angelic) (r=0.85)
  5. salacious (not wholesome) (r=0.84)
  6. poisonous (not nurturing) (r=0.84)
  7. quarrelsome (not warm) (r=0.84)
  8. selfish (not altruistic) (r=0.84)
  9. debased (not pure) (r=0.84)
  10. cunning (not honorable) (r=0.83)


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