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The dataset of the Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz includes characters from the fictional universe of Psycho.


The dataset has 3 characters from this universe. They are ordered in the list below by their notability (see Note 1).

Notability Name
73.8Norman Bates
58.0Marion Crane
45.1Lila Crane

To see how each character was rated by users, view their individual page.


As part of the survey where they rated characters, users were also asked the question "How do you rate Psycho?". The distribution of their responses are below.

# Response Count
1 It's the worst 6
2 It's bad 11
3 It's okay 341
4 It's good 1160
5 It's my favorite 189

This gives it an average score of 3.89 / 5. Making it 242nd out of the 342 universes in the dataset ordered by rating.

The average rating may be hard to generalize though, the users of one online personality quiz could not be representative of the population in general in important ways. And there are some very obvious things you can point to: users of the quiz are biased towards being women and being younger. To kind of explore this idea, we can correlate user ratings with responses to the self-report personality quiz to see what type of people give this universe higher ratings. The table below show the correlation between a users response to a specific self report item and their rating of this universe.

Item Correlation with rating n
nerd (not jock)0.1161635
angelic (not demonic)0.0821642
reclusive (not social)0.0781644
stick-in-the-mud (not adventurous)0.071642
tame (not wild)0.068688
meek (not bossy)0.0661646
beta (not alpha)0.0641601
genuine (not sarcastic)0.058686
arcane (not mainstream)0.0551612
masculine (not feminine)0.051690
sober (not indulgent)0.0481626
logical (not emotional)0.0451680
gracious (not feisty)0.0431637
altruistic (not selfish)0.041635
frugal (not lavish)0.041587
scientific (not artistic)0.037728
obedient (not rebellious)0.0371644
deep (not shallow)0.0281638
formal (not intimate)0.0281636
awkward (not charming)0.0271685
deranged (not reasonable)0.0241649
slovenly (not stylish)0.0221637
ivory-tower (not blue-collar)0.0221542
nurturing (not poisonous)0.0211624
juvenile (not mature)0.016662
outlaw (not sheriff)0.0141619
loyal (not traitorous)0.0141681
disarming (not creepy)0.011613
orderly (not chaotic)0.011685
high-tech (not low-tech)0.01669
skeptical (not spiritual)0.0091676
blissful (not haunted)0.006669
stinky (not fresh)0.0051638
dunce (not genius)0.0041673
lenient (not strict)0.0031677
creative (not conventional)0.0011687


  1. Notability is computed as the average of 204: important (not irrelevant) and 401: main character (not side character).
  Updated: 10 May 2022
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