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This is a profile generated from the Peer-report Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz. Keep this link secret!

Here you can view your character matches, get the survey link to improve the profile, and manage the profile.

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Survey link

Please do not use this link to annoy people! People may have many valid reasons to not fill out a strange survey, don't demand that your friends do it, just give them the opportunity. As always, anything less than enthusiastic consent = no. To show you understand, please affirm the pledge not to spam, by typing "I will not spam" in the text box. Not only will you embarrass yourself if you try to force people to take this survey, you will also harm the reputation of this website by association 😞.


Character matches

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Help us with our research?

While you are waiting for your friends to complete the surveys, why not help us with our research. We are trying to figure out what are best questions for measuring personality, and peer-report data is very useful for this! This research survey will contain a set of self-report questions which we will cross-reference with your peer based profile.

It should take 4 - 8 minutes to complete.


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