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Development of the Open Extended Jungian Type Scales

This page documents the development of the OJTS. The test itself can be taken here.


The Open Extended Jungian Type Scales was developed to be an open source alternative to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The OEJTS was developed by empirically selecting items that differentiated among persons who identified as one of the Myers-Briggs personality types along one of the four dichotomies. After a detailed review of psychological type, including a survey of 2230 persons about what differences the dichotomies entailed a pool of 278 items was generated. Using 25,568 participants who were experienced with psychological type and knew their personality type, this pool was reduced down to 48 items, twelve for each scale.

  1. Introduction to Jung and Myers-Briggs
  2. Initial considerations and review of other tests
  3. Item generation and evaluation
  4. Versions and other downloads
  5. Appendix A: Full list of items screened
  6. Appendix B: Licence

Introduction to Jung and Myers-Briggs

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is an extension of Jung's theory of psychological type. The MBTI has four personality dichotomies that combine to yield 16 personality types. The dichotomies are

  • Introversion (I) vs. Extroversion (E); sometimes described as a persons orientation, either oriented inside themselves or to the outside world. Other times the focus is put more explicitly on social interaction, with some claiming that social interactions wears out introverts whereas social interaction raises the energy level in extroverts.
  • Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N); defined as how a person takes in information by Myers-Briggs, who said that sensors pay attention to the five senses while intuitives pay attention to possibilities.
  • Feeling (F) vs. Thinking (T); has been defined as what a person values and what they base their decisions off of: either interpersonal considerations or through dispassionate logic.
  • Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P); was a dichotomy added by Myers and Briggs to pick between the second and third pair of functions. Individuals who prefer a structured lifestyle are supposed to use their judging functions (thinking and feeling) while individuals who prefer a flexible lifestyle are supposed to prefer the sensing functions (sensing and intuition).

The OEJTS measures four scales, each intended to produce a very large score differential along one dichotomy.

Initial considerations and review of other tests

Most tests on the internet offer little information about how they were developed.

There does not seem to have ever been done a comparative study of different tests. This is a symptom the problems that Myers-Briggs/Jungian type has. There are currently no criteria for what makes a good Myers-Briggs/Jungian type. Of course, it could just be accepted that the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator defines Myers-Briggs/Jungian types and so that means that the measure of a test is just how similar it is to the MBTI. This is not that satisfying though because it defaults upfront on the notion that the MBTI measures anything fundamental. It also is frustrating because if that is true then no test could ever be better than the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and so the problems with the MBTI like low test-reliability can never be fixed. Taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as the standard that you are trying to mimic as best as possible also has the practical difficulty that this would require administering the MBTI, which is extremely expensive.

The item format for the OEJTS has been chosen to be two statements that form a biploar scale (e.g. humble to arrogant), operationalized as a five point scale.

Item generation and evaluation

Items were generated by the director of this project. An attempt was also made to 'crowdsource' item production was also made. For a while a survey was attached to the end of the active testing site and individuals who said they had extensive experience with psychological type were asked to help generate items. Their attempts (n=2230, 4 items each) can be found in crowdsourced-items.txt. This was not found to be a fruitful endeavour though, the items generated were either extremely obvious or just wrong. A reading of the items generated will convince you that most people do not understand psychological type very well, particularly the S/N and J/P dichotomies.

Items are being selected based on their ability to discriminate among confidently self-typed individuals. The site for this is the current interactive version of the OEJTS which contains twenty experimental items in addition to forty scored items were are the current best set. At the end of the test individuals are asked if they know their type, how confident they are in their self-typing and how much they know about Myers-Briggs. This is made feasible by the fact that Myers-Briggs is a popular and well known system. 57% report a type, 49% of those meet the other criteria.

The full list of items screened with statistics can be found in Appendix A.

Versions and other downloads

  • Open Extended Jungian Type Scales 1.2
  • Datasets are forthcoming.
  • Appendix A: Full list of items screened

    The below table contains all items screened in the development of the OEJTS.

    Mean level differences when rated on a five point scale are shown for each dichotomy with the 95% confidence interval (±) in parenthesis. The differences are for individual who were either "confident" or "very confident" in their self-typing and who reported spending at least two hours learning about Myers-Briggs types. Item sets were evaluated until the sample size for any group was at least approximately 200.

    To aid browsing, cells are shaded according to magnitude; differences of more than 1.05 are shaded orange, differences of more than 0.7 are salmon and differences of more than 0.35 are pink.

    Mean level difference by dichotomy
    (click on column headers to sort) I-E S-N F-T J-P
    likes action;
    likes drama
    0.14I 0.18N 0.49F 0.21P
    0.12E 0.63N 0.71F 0.71P
    criticism leads to feelings of guilt;
    criticism leads to feelings of anger
    0.16E 0.08S 0.56T 0.09J
    loses track of time;
    good sense of time
    0.19E 0.40S 0.32T 0.83J
    0.21I 0.02N 0.00F 0.04J
    wishes their life was more interesting;
    finds their life interesting enough
    0.18E 0.14S 0.13T 0.25J
    talks over a decision with other people;
    makes it alone
    0.89I 0.48N 0.84T 0.04J
    when judging others, considers intent;
    only considers outcome
    0.02E 0.25S 0.64T 0.07J
    makes things;
    breaks things
    0.19E 0.12S 0.02T 0.36P
    likes knowing all the facts;
    likes filling in the blanks
    0.13E 0.52N 0.38F 0.58P
    learns before doing;
    learns while doing
    0.72E 0.03N 0.26F 0.65P
    0.73E 0.18N 0.02T 0.65P
    uses reason;
    uses instinct
    0.37E 0.33N 1.17F 0.45P
    learns by doing;
    learns by watching
    0.34I 0.24N 0.13T 0.10J
    trusts personal experience;
    trusts theory
    0.26I 0.37N 0.67T 0.04P
    0.43E 0.28N 0.15F 1.43P
    often thinks about what they should have done differently;
    does not second guess
    0.46E 0.03S 0.09T 0.09P
    likes small talk;
    hates small talk
    0.98I 0.25N 0.28T 0.15J
    0.16E 0.21N 0.25F 1.15P
    thinks role models are important;
    thinks the importance of role models is exaggerated
    0.45I 0.02N 0.62T 0.20P
    interested in realities;
    interested in possibilities
    0.14E 0.75N 0.36F 0.42P
    afraid of the dark;
    likes the dark
    0.26I 0.27N 0.54T 0.01P
    focused on the present;
    focused on the future
    0.04I 0.72N 0.10T 0.23J
    focuses on the big picture;
    takes care of the little details
    0.30I 0.61S 0.10F 0.34J
    wants to be treated right;
    just doesn't want to be treated wrong
    0.30I 0.00S 0.28T 0.25P
    can be a bit arrogant
    0.37E 0.24N 0.68T 0.01J
    wants a destiny;
    afraid of fate
    0.20I 0.13S 0.19T 0.06P
    can be a bit arrogant;
    0.32I 0.17S 0.63F 0.06P
    wants people's respect;
    wants their love
    0.22E 0.37S 1.18F 0.40P
    0.92I 0.10S 0.40F 0.33P
    keeps options open
    0.04E 0.25N 0.14T 0.87P
    likes to know \"who?\", \"what?\", \"when?\";
    likes to know \"why?\"
    0.18I 0.73N 0.04T 0.19P
    manipulates things behind the scenes;
    leads from the front
    1.12E 0.11S 0.13F 0.04P
    0.60I 0.12N 0.43T 0.07J
    0.20I 0.26S 0.05F 0.52J
    assured by routine;
    bored by routine
    0.60E 0.59N 0.00F 0.82P
    needs certainty;
    needs flexibility
    0.44E 0.39N 0.16F 0.82P
    gets work done right away;
    0.10I 0.11N 0.29F 0.93P
    feels unlucky;
    feels very lucky
    0.68E 0.05N 0.12F 0.05P
    cares if something is good or bad;
    cares if something is true or false
    0.19I 0.14N 1.12T 0.12J
    0.45E 0.21N 0.51F 0.72P
    1.04E 0.23N 0.07T 0.36P
    likes nature;
    likes human industry
    0.17E 0.00S 0.52T 0.03J
    caffeine (or other stimulant) gives a major boost;
    hardly notices the effects
    0.31I 0.13S 0.28T 0.01J
    1.33E 0.02S 0.54F 0.31P
    wants loyal friends;
    wants fun friends
    0.50E 0.07S 0.06T 0.43P
    no one knows what they are talking about;
    some people know what they are talking about
    0.36E 0.11S 0.32F 0.02P
    0.40I 0.28N 1.07T 0.13J
    like to listen to stories;
    likes to tell stories
    0.94E 0.10N 0.06F 0.15P
    adapts to the world;
    wants the world to adapt to them
    0.23I 0.33N 0.26T 0.05J
    double checks their work;
    hopes for the best
    0.44E 0.07N 0.35F 0.82P
    if a lawyer, would prefer to be a prosecutor;
    would prefer to be defense attorney
    0.11I 0.15N 0.65F 0.28P
    will say \"these are the things I have made\";
    will say \"these are the things I have designed\"
    0.05I 0.63N 0.39T 0.08P
    good with names;
    bad with names
    0.23I 0.25N 0.24T 0.14P
    likes to eavesdrop;
    finds other people's conversations too boring
    0.21I 0.20N 0.55T 0.14J
    0.02I 0.04S 0.56F 0.94P
    wants to believe
    0.46E 0.18S 1.17F 0.18P
    has been through a lot of tough times;
    has had an easy life
    0.17E 0.21S 0.19T 0.30P
    0.57E 0.09S 0.27F 0.39P
    answers mail right away;
    gets behind on answering mail
    0.16I 0.20N 0.12F 0.70P
    fears sharing secrets;
    enjoys sharing secrets
    0.97E 0.10S 0.50F 0.30P
    wants to impress authority;
    rebels against authority
    0.10I 0.56N 0.32T 0.53P
    lives dangerously
    0.76E 0.27N 0.01T 0.71P
    0.99E 0.11N 0.25F 0.85P
    always finishes sentences;
    can trail off in the middle of a sentences
    0.19I 0.16N 0.47F 0.63P
    reads books;
    watches movies
    0.37E 0.25S 0.27F 0.19P
    when describing an event, will tell people what happened;
    when describing an event, will tell people what it meant
    0.03I 0.74N 0.26F 0.15P
    likes being drunk;
    feels uncomfortable when drunk
    0.61I 0.05S 0.15T 0.52J
    1.24I 0.11N 0.15T 0.05P
    0.06I 0.03N 0.87T 0.04P
    always has a backup plan;
    never needs a backup plan
    0.21E 0.03S 0.16F 0.60P
    appreciates the scenery around them;
    too distracted to take a look
    0.09I 0.14N 0.42T 0.04J
    worries most about tripping and falling in the dark;
    imagines monsters in the dark
    0.02I 0.36N 0.49F 0.28P
    1.26I 0.27N 0.74T 0.13J
    seeks clarity;
    seeks harmony
    0.16E 0.17S 1.05F 0.34P
    fits in;
    stands out
    0.04I 0.48N 0.14T 0.18P
    thinks about things from the top down;
    reasons from the bottom up
    0.24I 0.14N 0.05T 0.11P
    would hate to be called weird;
    does not want to be thought of as normal
    0.10I 0.36N 0.12T 0.31P
    0.64I 0.42N 0.14F 0.10P
    wants a normal lifespan;
    wants to live forever
    0.34E 0.57N 0.28T 0.12P
    1.17I 0.04S 0.80T 0.53J
    tries to be different;
    tries to be normal
    0.18I 0.43S 0.00T 0.23J
    has not changed much;
    very different than before
    0.37E 0.16N 0.13F 0.29P
    0.60E 0.10S 0.15F 0.37P
    makes rules;
    breaks rules
    0.44E 0.45N 0.06T 0.86P
    0.05I 0.64N 1.02F 0.44P
    needs to work;
    only works because they must
    0.07I 0.06N 0.23F 0.78P
    liked school;
    hated school
    0.38I 0.06S 0.05F 0.35P
    comes up with ideas and convinces other people of them;
    critically evaluates the ideas of others
    0.66I 0.26S 0.26T 0.26J
    looks on the bright side;
    finds faults
    0.64I 0.08N 0.70T 0.41J
    thinks it is better to be naive;
    thinks it is better to be paranoid
    0.38I 0.11N 0.56T 0.24J
    worries about getting scammed all the time;
    too trusting
    0.37E 0.15S 0.58F 0.15P
    0.14E 0.00S 0.38T 0.04P
    worried about the dangers of technology;
    thinks technology is always good
    0.05E 0.15S 0.40T 0.15P
    listens more;
    talks more
    1.37E 0.06S 0.09F 0.23P
    wants to believe;
    0.39I 0.17N 1.10T 0.16J
    prefers to be first mate;
    prefers to be captain
    0.93E 0.18N 0.36T 0.11J
    0.24I 0.06S 0.13T 0.04P
    sticks to the plan;
    adapts the plan on the fly
    0.49E 0.40N 0.12F 1.07P
    0.45I 0.27S 0.83T 0.35J
    0.21I 0.13S 1.08T 0.42J
    has deep interests;
    has many interests
    0.72E 0.15S 0.05T 0.32P
    finds natural disasters exciting;
    finds natural disasters tragic
    0.05E 0.29S 0.66F 0.20J
    accepts things as they are;
    unsatisfied with the ways things are
    0.06I 0.55N 0.15T 0.00P
    1.23I 0.07S 1.10T 0.57J
    everyone breaks the law now and then;
    only bad people break the law
    0.15I 0.40S 0.18F 0.51J
    tells others about their plans;
    tells others about what they have done
    0.22I 0.10S 0.17T 0.08P
    keep room door closed;
    leaves door open
    0.83E 0.09S 0.17F 0.08P
    wants to know what others think;
    decides on their own
    0.19I 0.46N 0.78T 0.02J
    0.86I 0.01N 0.33T 0.08P
    respects the letter of the law;
    follows the spirit of the law
    0.06E 0.51N 0.27F 0.50P
    criticizes themselves;
    accepts themselves
    0.48E 0.02S 0.10T 0.10P
    sounds and smells often bring back childhood memories;
    childhood memories never come unintentionally
    0.14I 0.11N 0.54T 0.13J
    quick thinker;
    deep thinker
    0.79I 0.37N 0.18F 0.03J
    likes words;
    likes numbers
    0.10I 0.28S 0.70T 0.22J
    argues for ideas;
    argues against ideas
    0.04I 0.20S 0.36T 0.07P
    notices a person'
    s physical appearance first
    0.21E 0.21S 0.14T 0.09P
    0.27E 0.41S 0.06T 0.13P
    hates the dentist;
    does not mind the dentist
    0.19E 0.02N 0.11T 0.03P
    wants the big picture;
    wants the details
    0.28I 0.63S 0.03T 0.18J
    if a lawyer, would prefer to be a defense attorney;
    would prefer to be prosecutor
    0.13E 0.19S 0.55T 0.25J
    gives hints;
    tell it straight up
    0.35E 0.09S 0.75T 0.11J
    0.98E 0.10N 0.48T 0.04P
    thinks only the lucky succeed;
    knows only the hard-working get lucky
    0.02E 0.06N 0.26T 0.31J
    judges music based on melody;
    judges music based on lyrics
    0.01I 0.00N 0.09F 0.03P
    works best alone;
    works best in groups
    1.19E 0.09S 0.33F 0.21P
    0.26I 0.48N 0.22F 0.34P
    views things as many shades of grey;
    views things as black and white
    0.14E 0.29S 0.25T 0.39J
    keeps pets;
    has no interest in pets
    0.15I 0.15N 0.40T 0.13J
    easy to gross out;
    fascinated by disgusting things
    0.09I 0.25N 0.38T 0.12P
    0.24E 0.03N 0.10T 0.28J
    0.68I 0.11S 0.09T 0.01J
    shares deepest secrets;
    has no secrets worth sharing
    0.58I 0.11S 0.69T 0.19J
    light sleeper;
    deep sleeper
    0.08E 0.03N 0.03F 0.14P
    0.71I 0.26N 0.08T 0.11P
    likes pop music;
    hates pop music
    0.30I 0.44N 0.44T 0.06J
    get a task done in one go;
    does a task a little at a time
    0.23I 0.01S 0.31F 0.41P
    has to be lost for a long time before they ask for help;
    will stop and ask for directions right away
    0.69E 0.08S 0.19F 0.25J
    feels very lucky;
    feels unlucky
    0.69I 0.04N 0.04T 0.04P
    interested in family history;
    wants to leave that all behind
    0.07I 0.11N 0.29T 0.21P
    how it is done matters;
    only the end results matters
    0.04E 0.11S 0.45T 0.12P
    jokes about things;
    jokes about people
    0.39E 0.07S 0.23T 0.06P
    plans far ahead;
    plans at the last minute
    0.30E 0.04S 0.29F 1.26P
    gets broken up with;
    does the breaking up
    0.37E 0.10N 0.33T 0.20J
    likes change;
    resists change
    0.53I 0.38S 0.05F 0.37J
    eats quickly;
    savours the flavour
    0.22I 0.04N 0.13F 0.09J
    finds the world interesting;
    finds the world boring
    0.25I 0.10S 0.17T 0.07J
    likes popular music;
    likes music that is not well known
    0.42I 0.43N 0.21T 0.24P
    remembers everything they did on their birthday before last;
    remembers not so much
    0.39I 0.29N 0.18T 0.19P
    careful with money;
    a high roller
    0.42E 0.06N 0.28F 0.56P
    has an accurate internal clock;
    often has no idea what time it is
    0.03I 0.08N 0.16F 0.59P
    supports a strong government;
    supports strong personal freedoms
    0.08I 0.18N 0.02F 0.31P
    judges a painting on how realistic it is;
    judges a painting by deeper criteria
    0.02I 0.74N 0.51F 0.38P
    gets worn out by parties;
    gets fired up by parties
    1.77E 0.20S 0.21F 0.35P
    tries to give convincing speeches;
    tries to give inspiring speeches
    0.39E 0.28N 1.04F 0.33P
    loyal to friends;
    loyal to family
    0.04I 0.15S 0.04T 0.27J
    will say \"these are the things I have made\";
    will say \"these are the things I have designed\"
    0.06I 0.46N 0.43T 0.11J
    likes getting gifts;
    has no need for gifts
    0.30I 0.23N 0.58T 0.22J
    0.91I 0.18N 0.44T 0.04J
    prefers the old ways;
    tries new ways
    0.44E 0.55N 0.15T 0.33P
    wants aliens to exist;
    hopes that they do not
    0.18E 0.43S 0.13F 0.26J
    wishes they could read minds;
    wishes they could fly
    0.09E 0.03N 0.25F 0.38P
    0.19I 0.12S 0.40F 0.12P
    0.23E 0.07N 0.27T 0.19J
    well dressed;
    0.31I 0.05N 0.07T 0.40P
    never wants to make a mistake;
    accepts mistakes as inevitable
    0.41E 0.17N 0.03T 0.58P
    chooses carefully;
    chooses randomly
    0.39E 0.05S 0.34F 0.66P
    eats slowly;
    eats rapidly
    0.22E 0.02S 0.03T 0.03P
    people are basically good;
    people are basically evil
    0.34I 0.03N 0.65T 0.17J
    interests often change;
    has stable interests
    0.35I 0.21S 0.15T 0.63J
    thinks people can change;
    thinks people will only stay the same
    0.24I 0.06S 0.59T 0.34J
    finds it difficult to yell very loudly;
    yelling to others when they are far away comes naturally
    1.40E 0.11S 0.05F 0.18P
    tries to behave intelligently;
    tries to show their creativity
    0.27E 0.14N 0.90F 0.52P
    wants a big house;
    wants a cozy house
    0.52I 0.07N 0.33F 0.02J
    works hard;
    plays hard
    0.31E 0.02S 0.21F 0.82P
    feels that time passes to slowly;
    feels that time passes to quickly
    0.06E 0.01S 0.09F 0.11P
    aware of surroundings;
    easy to sneak up on
    0.02E 0.01S 0.32F 0.29P
    0.64E 0.03S 0.51F 0.58P
    enjoys cracking joints;
    cracking joints is gross
    0.19I 0.04S 0.16F 0.31J
    tries to give inspiring speeches;
    tries to give convincing speeches
    0.38I 0.18S 0.99T 0.17J
    identifies with characters in stories;
    never really seems to like any fictional characters
    0.06E 0.28S 0.49T 0.12J
    wants to be tough;
    wants to be classy
    0.13E 0.06N 0.25F 0.04J
    sees the glass as glass half full;
    sees it as half empty
    0.71I 0.03N 0.35T 0.05J
    needs time alone;
    bored by time alone
    1.44E 0.18S 0.18F 0.22P
    wants the details;
    wants the big picture
    0.32E 0.57N 0.05T 0.25P
    has meaningful dreams;
    has dreams that make no sense, about things that do not matter
    0.03I 0.14S 0.29T 0.04J
    always looks for the best price;
    takes the first price
    0.08E 0.09N 0.25F 0.28P
    likes to perform in front of other people;
    avoids public speaking
    1.41I 0.10S 0.04T 0.05J
    wants honest friends;
    wants impressive friends
    0.20E 0.04N 0.23T 0.04P
    wants to be normal;
    wants to be different
    0.24E 0.51N 0.01T 0.39P
    takes stuff to mellow out;
    takes stuff to amp up
    0.28E 0.25S 0.07T 0.03P
    stays at home;
    goes out on the town
    1.43E 0.05S 0.18F 0.26P
    likes civilization;
    wants to get back to nature
    0.36I 0.25N 0.30F 0.21P
    values emotions;
    uncomfortable with emotions
    0.55I 0.03N 1.67T 0.22J
    likes to drive fast;
    likes to keep it under control
    0.64I 0.11N 0.07F 0.47J
    worries about who they are;
    accepts who they are
    0.33E 0.09N 0.44T 0.04J
    frequently embarrassed;
    0.93E 0.10N 0.37T 0.13P
    needs silence to sleep;
    can sleep through anything
    0.58E 0.10S 0.06T 0.23P
    shows anger;
    hides anger
    0.64I 0.11N 0.22T 0.05J
    0.09I 0.01S 0.14F 0.66P
    remembers dreams;
    does not
    0.08I 0.30S 0.28T 0.03P
    likes team sports;
    likes individual sports
    0.80I 0.37N 0.31T 0.09J
    0.12I 0.07N 0.29T 0.02P
    bounces around the room;
    remains calm
    1.31I 0.03N 0.44T 0.50J
    likes stories with lots of action;
    likes stories with lots of twists
    0.26I 0.51N 0.03F 0.04P
    thinks some people are all bad;
    knows everyone has a little bit of good in them
    0.43E 0.11N 0.78F 0.23P
    likes certain types of music;
    likes all types
    0.29E 0.03N 0.37F 0.16P
    worries about getting let down;
    worries about letting other people down
    0.09E 0.10S 0.42F 0.10P
    0.77I 0.23S 0.02T 0.15J
    hates people who show off;
    maybe a little impressed by people who show off
    0.51E 0.02N 0.24F 0.27P
    enjoys mental competition;
    enjoys physical competition
    0.42E 0.47S 0.18F 0.07P
    stays up late;
    rises early
    0.06E 0.14S 0.15T 0.48J
    often mistaken as being angry;
    anger often goes unnoticed by others
    0.09E 0.07S 0.40F 0.21P
    0.28E 0.13N 0.64T 0.10J
    fears death;
    accepts death
    0.03I 0.27N 0.29T 0.10J
    0.86E 0.04N 0.37T 0.13J
    0.14I 0.09S 0.33T 0.46J
    makes repairs;
    buys new
    0.23E 0.11S 0.12F 0.13P
    has an average taste in music;
    has superior taste in music
    0.02E 0.21N 0.01T 0.14P
    reacts deliberately;
    reacts instantly
    0.67E 0.26S 0.36F 0.46P
    has many interests;
    has deep interests
    0.82I 0.11N 0.08T 0.25J
    prefer to take multiple choice test;
    prefer essay answers
    0.16E 0.47N 0.08F 0.01J
    has neat handwriting;
    has messy handwriting
    0.02I 0.18N 0.14T 0.45P
    likes being on solid ground;
    dreams of the sea
    0.09E 0.37N 0.43F 0.51P
    bothered by spelling mistakes;
    is fine with spelling mistakes, as long as the meaning comes through
    0.26E 0.11N 0.13F 0.44P
    likes spring;
    likes fall
    0.48I 0.39N 0.24T 0.11J
    forever young;
    all grown up
    0.45I 0.05S 0.38T 0.66J
    0.56I 0.02N 0.73T 0.21J
    poor sense of smell;
    good sense of smell
    0.17E 0.06S 0.12F 0.02J
    easily hurt;
    0.22E 0.08N 1.10T 0.08J
    0.54I 0.10S 0.67F 0.19P
    bonds over shared interests;
    bonds through shared experience
    0.37E 0.14S 0.26F 0.04J
    0.16I 0.71N 0.11T 0.22P
    envious of what other people have;
    envious of what other people are
    0.12I 0.26N 0.14F 0.10P
    often misplaces their keys;
    has a system so that does not happen
    0.20I 0.14S 0.43T 0.80J
    keeps a clean room;
    just puts stuff where ever
    0.05E 0.15N 0.19F 0.93P
    gets bored of songs quickly;
    never gets tired of a good song
    0.15I 0.00S 0.18F 0.09J
    hates conflict;
    makes trouble
    0.64E 0.14N 0.52T 0.23P
    0.01I 0.70N 0.88F 0.76P
    must be special;
    content to be normal
    0.32I 0.46S 0.14T 0.27J
    prefers to be captain;
    rather be first mate
    1.02I 0.21S 0.39F 0.19P
    does not vary diet;
    tries new foods
    0.59E 0.26N 0.15F 0.21P
    knows what they want;
    still trying to figure it all out
    0.39I 0.25S 0.39F 0.76P
    gives complements;
    receives compliments
    0.13I 0.00N 0.74T 0.02P
    likes to \"just drive\";
    would never drive without a purpose
    0.31I 0.06N 0.49T 0.63J
    thinks about what they would do as a criminal;
    does not like the idea of crime
    0.03I 0.47S 0.51F 0.34J
    wants deep friendships;
    wants many friendships
    0.77E 0.11S 0.08T 0.15P
    0.57E 0.34N 0.35F 1.17P
    0.19I 0.16N 0.34F 0.56P
    prefer to run a small business;
    prefer to run a large corporation
    0.64E 0.07N 0.63T 0.07J
    rises early;
    sleeps late
    0.10I 0.08N 0.10F 0.58P
    bothered by disgusting things;
    fails to notice how gross things are
    0.11E 0.23N 0.42T 0.34P
    starts over when they fail;
    tries something new when they fail
    0.30E 0.36N 0.02F 0.31P
    prefer to read the news;
    prefer to read a story
    0.19I 0.01N 0.43F 0.24P
    likes to tell stories;
    like to listen to stories
    0.96I 0.05S 0.14T 0.13J
    always looking to taste something new;
    could eat the same thing every day
    0.51I 0.28S 0.03T 0.33J
    likes sports;
    bored by sports
    0.70I 0.39N 0.03F 0.10P
    hates being photographed;
    loves it
    1.06E 0.25S 0.44F 0.21P
    wants to be good at fixing things;
    wants to be good at fixing people
    0.40E 0.04S 1.28F 0.10P
    works in fits and bursts;
    works through it steadily
    0.23I 0.38S 0.30T 0.84J
    1.41I 0.04N 0.67T 0.33J
    tries a sensible solution;
    tries a clever solution
    0.32E 0.63N 0.34T 0.36P
    leads from the front;
    manipulates things behind the scenes
    1.16I 0.27N 0.29T 0.09J
    0.08I 0.61N 0.02T 0.36P
    likes looking at pictures of them as a baby;
    hates that
    0.52I 0.14N 0.86T 0.10J
    reads the instructions first;
    jumps right into it
    0.57E 0.03N 0.18F 0.54P
    0.40I 0.10S 0.21T 0.87J
    feels most content at the start of the day;
    feels most content at the end of the day
    0.23I 0.04N 0.17T 0.11P
    would enjoy being stranded on an island;
    would want to be rescued as quickly as possible
    0.81E 0.46S 0.30F 0.04P
    1.00E 0.40S 0.09T 0.03J
    does a good job handling the preparation;
    does a good job handling the fallout
    0.30E 0.17N 0.05F 0.72P
    0.30E 0.41S 0.06F 0.53J
    still in contact with first friends;
    loses touch with old friends
    0.57I 0.35N 0.30T 0.22P
    follows rules;
    breaks rules
    0.37E 0.56N 0.24T 0.66P
    thinks \"robotic\" is an insult;
    strives to have a mechanical mind
    0.45I 0.02S 1.21T 0.41J
    embarrassed by the things they daydream about;
    proud of the things they daydream about
    0.46E 0.31N 0.10T 0.19P
    puts time into choosing/preparing food;
    goes for whatever is simplest
    0.10I 0.27S 0.17T 0.45P
    has difficulty explaining their ideas;
    confident explaining their ideas
    1.02E 0.26N 0.31T 0.13J
    focuses on one thing at a time;
    0.47E 0.14N 0.04T 0.33P
    does their best;
    does what they need to get by
    0.15I 0.13S 0.17T 0.72P
    buys things they like;
    only buys things they really need
    0.32I 0.15N 0.39T 0.35J
    obsessed with travelling;
    no need to see the world
    0.35I 0.08S 0.22T 0.23J
    trusts personal experience;
    trusts theoretical knowledge
    0.30I 0.45N 0.68T 0.09J
    no need to see the world;
    obsessed with travelling
    0.47E 0.15N 0.25F 0.33P
    follows the heart;
    follows the head
    0.36I 0.01N 1.60T 0.45J
    demands precision;
    satisfied with good enough
    0.25E 0.12S 0.50F 0.68P
    makes lists;
    relies on memory
    0.06E 0.14N 0.13T 0.75P
    prefer to be wealthy;
    prefer to be famous
    0.41E 0.15N 0.36F 0.22P
    never edits their writing once they are done;
    always goes back and makes many revisions
    0.16I 0.06N 0.02T 0.41J
    1.37E 0.05S 0.12F 0.14P
    tactful with others;
    blunt with others
    0.02E 0.04N 0.86T 0.07J
    0.28E 0.05S 0.56T 0.03J
    likes music;
    likes the visual arts
    0.01I 0.24N 0.06T 0.11P
    happy at home;
    obsessed with travelling
    0.78E 0.09N 0.17F 0.32P
    bases morality on compassion;
    bases morality on justice
    0.16I 0.02S 1.32T 0.39J
    0.46E 0.14N 0.41T 0.28J
    judges a painting on how realistic it is;
    judges a painting on the feeling it conveys
    0.07E 0.34N 0.84F 0.33P
    saves it;
    uses it
    0.39E 0.05N 0.18T 0.29P

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