These are the results from the OSPP Four Temperaments Test. The calculated scores for each type are shown below (scores range between 0 to 24).


Description of your temperament

The sanguine personality is characterized by a cheerful disposition, lively energy, and a generally positive and optimistic outlook on life. Sanguine individuals tend to be highly social, extroverted, and enthusiastic, often possessing a contagious sense of humor that makes them the life of the party. They are usually creative, imaginative, and tend to be very entertaining.

Sanguine individuals are also spontaneous and can be seen as impulsive at times. They have a tendency to live in the moment, which often leads to them being adaptable and flexible in different situations. They tend to be more interested in the present than in future plans or consequences. This trait, however, can also lead to difficulty in maintaining focus, staying organized, and following through on tasks.

Moreover, sanguine people are often charismatic and are able to influence and inspire others with their vibrant energy and contagious enthusiasm. Their natural ability to create and maintain relationships often leads to a large network of friends and acquaintances.

On the flip side, the sanguine temperament may lack depth in the analysis of situations and can sometimes take things too lightly, even when seriousness is required. This can lead to a tendency towards forgetfulness and disorganization. Their desire for social acceptance and fear of rejection can also make them overly sensitive to criticism.

Overall, sanguine individuals are warm-hearted, buoyant, and carefree, bringing lightness and joy to their environments and interactions. Despite their potential challenges, they have a unique ability to rebound from disappointments with their resilient optimism.


Updated: 19 March 2019


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