Here are the results from the Inventory of Phonetic Associations.

Your score was / 50. Meaning you made of the associations in the way that humans are biased towards making associations between sound and meaning.

The graph below shows how other people score on this survey.

You can see that most people make the associations in the same way. The average score is 42.1, but you would expect the average score to be only 25 if people made associations at random. This is very interesting because there seems to be no good reason why a nonsense word should sound like it has a specific meaning.

This has been called the "Bouba/kiki effect", read more about it on Wikipedia.

It has been reported that this effect is not as reliable in individuals with autism, so it is possible that low scores on this inventory indicate disordered or unsual verbal development. This is still under investigation.


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  Updated: 1 February 2021
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