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The page reports results from the Zodiac-sign Associated Personality Scales (ZAPS).

Score summary

The ZAPS measures a score for each zodiac sign from 0 to 20. The higher your score, the more you agreed with items that users have voted as representative of that sign.


Aries (♈)
Taurus (♉)
Gemini (♊)
Cancer (♋)
Leo (♌)
Virgo (♍)
Libra (♎)
Scorpio (♏)
Sagittarius (♐)
Capricorn (♑)
Aquarius (♒)
Pisces (♓)

Your highest score was for . The item with the strongest association to this sign is "". This is based on a survey conducted on this website of astrology enthusiasts, in which they voted what sign they associated a variety of personality test items from (see the documentation). To get an idea of how this worked out, a graph of all the votes for this item is below.

All the items where got at least 30% of the votes are in the table below. You can read these to get a general feel of what the average view of what this sign is like.

% of votes for Item

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