This is an free online version of the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale.

This scale is the most widely used measure of self esteem for research purposes but it is NOT a diagnostic aid for any for any psychological issues of states. If you are worried that your self esteem may reflect poor mental health please consult your doctor. The scale has been used in more than one hundred research projects.

Because the concept of self esteem is one most people should be familar with, this test will proably not tell you anything you do not allready know. You should have a pretty good grasp of your results just by asking yourself the question, "do I have low self esteem?" The scale can however give you a better picture of your state in relation to other people. Your results will also include a little bit more about the relationship between self esteem and life outcomes.

The scale consists of ten statements that you could possibly apply to you that you must rate on how much you agree with each. The items should be answered quickly without overthinking, your first inclination is what you should put down.

In addition to being offered for public education purposes, this survey is being used as part of a research project and your answers will be recorded. By starting this test you are agreeing to have any data you enter used for research.