Results of the Jung Types Test
These are the results of the Open Extended Jungian Type Scales.

Jungian/Myers-Briggs Personality Type is based on four preferences, that when combined produce personality type. This page will first cover your scores for each of the preferences then finally give a description for the type that they produce.

Introversion (I) 
 Extroversion (E)
Introversion-Extroversion is your cognitive orientation. Introverts centre themselves inside their bodies. Extroverts centre their attention outside their bodies. [more]

Sensing (S) 
 Intuition (N)
Sensing-Intuition is the first pair of cognitive functions and the preference for how your prefer to be served information; through the five senses or from the subconscious. [more]

Feeling (F) 
 Thinking (T)
Feeling-Thinking is the second pair of cognitive functions, the judging functions, which are used to evaluate goals; either through personal values or objective principles. [more]

Judging (J) 
 Perceiving (P)
Judging-Perceiving is what pair of cognitive functions your prefer to use; Judging is a preference for a structured lifestyle and the use of feeling and thinking while perceiving is the preference for a flexible lifestyle and the use of sensing and intuition. [more]

When combined, that makes your personality type INTJ. A detailed description of this personality type is below.