This is an interactive version of the Implicit Trypophobia Measure 0.5a.

Introduction: Trypophobia is an feeling of fear or disgust when presented with images of irregularly shaped holes. It has been hypothesized that these patterns are associated with diseases so there is an evolved emotional trigger that can be activited by such images. The ITM is an experimental measure of the strength of the Trypophobia effect in persons.

Procedure: In this test you will be shown various images, some of which contain disgusting stimuli and some of which do not. Each image will be shown for a random interval between 1.5 and 8 seconds. After each image is shown, you have to guess for how long it was displayed. The expectation is that the accuracy of the felt durations will be distorted when overwhelmed with disgust. It takes most people 5-7 minutes to complete.

IMPORTANT: While the images are being displayed, it is important that you look at and consider each one and that you do not count off seconds. Your guesses of how long each image was displayed for should be based on how long it felt, not by counting.

Use: This test is provided for educational uses only. It is not administered professionally and comes with no guarantee of any kind. Results from the test will be stored and used for research (your participation will be completely anonymous).

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