Revised and made available 3/17/2012.

This document applies to all interactions on the website, if you do not like its terms please do not use the website.

This website is for educational (i.e. understand personality tests) and entertainment use only. Any information given by these tests SHOULD NOT BE USED TO MAKE ANY REAL LIFE DECISIONS, if you wish to acquire actionable information about your personality please consult a professional psychologist or medical practitioner.

Your use of the website will be recorded and used for research. You should assume that any information you provide will be stored indefinitely. This may include personally identifying information. Reasonable precautions (password protection) will be taken to ensure their confidentiality, however these precautions are not infallaible and if they should be breached this website and associted individuals will not be responsibly for any liability. The raw logs of your information may also be shared in a public manner, if this is to be done personally identifying information will be removed (e.g. IP ; BUT NOT DEMOGRAPHICS SUCH AS AGE OR SEX).